Actual Play Report- Silver Kiss

Sophie and Giffy were the supernaturals; Taylor and Kylie, Sam and Conan were the humans; Tami and Raife. The supernaturals were were-jaguar half siblings (same Dad, different mothers) and the humans were both cheerleaders.

Giffy and Sophie quickly established a pack order: parents, then Kylie, then Taylor. He at least was higher than the kids also in their family of half siblings and multiple wives. Raife had a twin brother, Chet, who was pretty similar except a bit more emo, a lot less popular and not gay like Raife. Tami was an only child with absentee parents.

Raife was quickly shown to be a social butterfly, friends with everyone and somewhat stuck catering to Tami who was top of the social ladder and rather demanding. He waited for her after cheerleading practice and when they came out they headed up to watch the sunset on the hill and then off to the one burger joint in town for dinner. Raife texts ahead to Bobby, the head of the fencing team: Hey B, the Queen is coming.

Kylie and Taylor had just arrived in town and headed to the one burger joint for food. They were sitting in Tami and Raife’s usual booth by the window and talking about starting school the next day.
Kylie: How do you already have a letterman jacket?
Taylor: I’m good.
Kylie: No, but HOW? We haven’t even been to school yet!
Taylor: They sent it ahead.

Taylor and Tami lock eyes and fall in love, then sit down and join the were-jaguars. Kylie freaks out a bit, unsure why they’ve been approached. There is some awkward small talk. Tami asks if they’re going to their school, Raife texts everyone he knows about the new hotties in town.

Raife: So I take it you’re not really that…comfortable…with people.
Kylie shakes her head.

Taylor doesn’t seem able to cope with Tami at all and makes a lame excuse before fleeing the scene. Kylie is even less happy, having been abandoned by her more gregarious half brother. Tami sees him walk away outside and runs out to see him.

Taylor walks very slowly down the street. Tami runs to catch up with him, but slows down to a walk when he looks around. He walks her home and they chat, getting to know each other. When Taylor leaves, Tami’s father opens the door to the house, saying that their dog (a German Shepherd) was getting really agitated.

It turns out Taylor is emo because he has arranged to meet Tami the next night (she’ll be on her motorbike) and although he said he had a bike, he really doesn’t. Kylie eventually takes pity on him and offers to lend her bike.

Taylor: I an’t borrow my sister’s bike, it’s so lame.
Kylie: You ARE lame! No job, no bike…

They head off to school the next morning, after being berated by their father who points out that after Taylor totalled his jeep two months ago he cannot be trusted. Also if he keeps on revealing what they are, and generally causing trouble, he will take the whole family to Collarado and they will be home schooled.

Kylie heads to the school office to get them signed in. Taylor goes to work out on the football field, showing off his muscles and generally getting sweaty. He runs into Raife in the locker room, who is preparing for cheerleading practice. Raife asks Taylor about his intentions…

Raife: Because Tami’s had some bad relationships in the past.
Taylor: Really? I’ll kill them. Where are they?

In biology with Mr Crabtree they are asked to dissect rats and told that both partners have to participate in the dissection or they will fail. Tami has some problems with this, alternating between being repulsed and feeling bad for the rat. Raife names the rat so it won’t be as gross to her. Eventually her discomfort gets to Taylor and he leans over to make her feel better.

Taylor: It’s okay, it’s prey. It doesn’t matter.
Raife: Split Sally wants to show you that she’s pretty on the inside too!

Raife takes care of the assignment and gives Tami a kidney on a scalpel so it looks like she’s helped too. Later at lunch, both sets of friends sit together. Tami mentions she feels bad, like a murderer because all those rats died.

Taylor: Listen, it doesn’t matter about the rats. Rats breed really fast, so there’s lots of them around.
Tami: So do cats.
Taylor: Cats are very different.
Kylie: Cats are a noble creature.

The cafeteria food isn’t satisfying for the were-jaguars so against her better judgement Kylie agrees with Taylor and they head out the back to sneak into the forest and go hunting. They have to go past some stoner kids and stash their clothes before changing forms. However Tami is curious and has insisted that she and Raife follow to see what they’re doing. When Raife catches sight of one of the big cats he calls animal control and presses for Tami to return to school with him. Tami is worried for Taylor though, out here with the panthers and they linger in between the panthers and their clothes. Stuck in panther form, the sibs freak out, trying to work out what to do. Sirens of the animal control vehicles come closer and Raife finally convinces Tami to come back to school where they can talk to the animal control guys. The stoners have all fled at the sound of sirens and the panthers are able to change back into human form.

That night Taylor and Tami go out on a motorbike ride, Raife has a minivan and takes all the other named PCs and NPC kids to the nearby town. Raife’s brother Chet is talking about going to a vampire club and seems into Kylie.

Taylor and Tami go to the lake, where Taylor feels the need to make a true confession.
Taylor: I know I’ve only know you about six hours, but I feel like I can trust you. You make me want to be truthful. Youmake me want to be more of a man…only the problem is, I’m a cat.
He changes form and she freaks out, running and screaming into the forest. Concerned, Taylor follows her and tackles her to the ground. She panics, screaming for him to get off her, which he does. Then she runs back to her bike and heads into town where she catches up with the others. Taylor follows and asks to speak to her. Kylie tries to follow and eavesdrop but Taylor can smell her. Eventually Raife notices that Tami’s crying and heads out to make sure she’s all right.

Raife: Is everything okay?
Taylor: It’s fine.
Tami: ish.
Taylor: FINE.
Tami: ISH!
Raife: I’m leaning towards the ish, that means there’s an issue.

Taylor and Tami go a couple of blocks away to talk. Raife seems concerned.
Kylie: Oh he won’t hurt her, he’s a big pussycat.

Kylie and Chet have an awkward moment in the diner after Raife points out that he’s into her. Chet goes out the back of the diner, to be emo by the trashcans. Tami decides that dating a were-jaguar sounds like an adventure and kisses Taylor. Kylie is concerned that the secret has been shared and spends some time watching Taylor closely, she really doesn’t want to be homeschooled. His suspicions peaked, Raife begins to research big cats and shapeshifters.


3 thoughts on “Actual Play Report- Silver Kiss

  1. Nice, A couple of things I remember that weren’t included.

    Kylie tackling a naked Taylor in the hotel before he attempts to change form and run out and obtain money somehow?

    Kylie and Taylor were unable to change form and return to school at lunchtime as Raife and Tami were basically under their clothes, so she gets Taylor to go nearer to where the stoners were, change form and call for help, luring Tami and Raife away.

    That despised cheerleader “Alice”? who when asked by Kylie about Tami gave a glowing (although slightly desperate) reply.

    Poor “blind” Sylvia, Kylie’s full sister and the one who made Taylor’s horrible plushie.

    Man, Raife was *such* a social butterfly.
    Kylie: How did he get my number? (after receiving a mass text from Raife after just one day in town).

    Tami’s secret agent parents! “Your mother is in … Hawaii and can only skype us at 6pm tomorrow night”. Also, the implication that Tami’s ex’s had also been supes.

    • thanks Giffy, this was taking way too long to write up so I just got the highlights. Add more if you remember them!

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