Things I Love Thursday

Pretty pretty song from Sucker Punch…

Much like I love Garfield minus Garfield, I am enamoured with 3eanuts, in which the last frame of Peanuts comics are removed. They become quite sad and existential.

There’s a new My Little Pony cartoon series out which I quite want to watch. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.) The clips I’ve seen from it are self-referential, funny and adorable. A little more hardcore and knowing than the old My Little Pony and Friends show. You can see clips of it mashed up with slightly more hardcore movie trailers here.

I like learning. io9 is my best source of new information and I especially love the articles they post on new scientific findings. Like Macaques can count but do better when it’s not food, much like little kids.

Puppies for Christmas is pretty adorable, and make me smile and nearly cry…

Honourable Mentions: The monkeys you ordered for dry, deadpan LOLs. Schnitzel at lunchtime, branching out to new things at work, running in the morning, new trackies (extra soft and comfy!), feeling like I’m doing good, roleplaying for escapism, new music, my robot shirt, getting new Spoonflower fabric in the mail, giving people handmade things which they like, robo defence, the wind blowing my hair up and back, good crunchy juicy apples, raspberries and cream fresh’n’fruity, watching Dr Who (when it isn’t nightmare fuel anyway), hoodies and my lovely friends and family.

and let’s not forget Matt Smith and Orbital.

Writing Wednesday

From the awesomely depressing 3eanuts.

It’s not writer’s block, exactly. It’s more like, writer’s discouragement. Writer’s ‘what’s the point’? In short, my recent illness and the return of Rain from the Tessa Duder awards has put me into a funk. I am not sure how to pull myself out of it and it’s making me pretty sad.

My usual way of getting myself back on track is a bit of free writing. I did try that last week, but I was again overwhelmed by a ‘what’s the point?’ wave of ennui. I haven’t tried this again since. This week I have decided to give myself a real break from fiction. I got angry with feeling this way last week and made a list of all of my short stories and what I think needs changing in them. This made me feel better for about a day, since I had a plan. Plans are good. We like plans. But the next day when I pictured up the list the thought of going into any single one of those stories made me feel like a failure before I’d even read them again. The plan didn’t work and now I feel guilty when I see the list.

On Monday morning I got out my journal/personal diary and tried to express everything I was feeling. Although it felt good for a while I think it just cemented how sad this is making me, so I won’t do that again in a hurry.

On Tuesday I got up and went for a run instead of sitting still, not writing. It was a good thing to do. Running was easier than I thought it would be, given it’s been three weeks or so since my last run. I went 1.59km around the water front and felt good afterwards. Today I am muscle sore, but that’s just the penalty for not-running.

This morning I realised I have to change my thinking, so I picked up the book How to Be Rich and Happy and worked through a few exercises. I wrote goals down in my journal and thought about small steps I can take to make the goals reality. I think this was a good thing to do, too, but I still feel very sad.

Perhaps the sadness isn’t about not writing? Perhaps it’s a reaction to all the horrible things that have been happening, like the Christchurch quake and the Japan quake + tsumani. It could be. I get overwhelmed by things like that. Maybe it’s just because summer is ending and I love summer the most out of all the times of year? Maybe it’s all of the above?

Tomorrow I will go for another run. On Friday I’ll do more Rich and Happy exercises and see if I can get myself back on track. I don’t know what else to do except take the pressure off myself and hope it gets better.

(Actually what I really need is those NZT pills from Limitless. Can anyone hook me up?)

GM Guide: SKMTFM Emo quotes

Bored of the quotes that came with the game? How do you find new quotes to use in your games of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon?

My favourite method is extracting a line or two from an emotional song. Most love songs are pretty sad and have stuff in them that can be used. For example the song “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars has a few lines ripe for extraction and re-use. Like “am I a fool/ who sits alone/ talking to the moon?” would be especially good for a game involving werewolves. Or you could use the opening lines “I know you’re somewhere out there/ somewhere far away /I want you back” is a good all purpose quote that could be used in most games.

Or look at Katy Perry’s Firework, it’s an uplifting song, but it has examples of bad stuff in the verses. “Do you ever feel already buried deep/ Six feet under scream/ But no one seems to hear a thing“. Sounds pretty emo doesn’t it? It’s best to choose the parts of songs which don’t rhyme, because they sound more natural spoken. Unless of course, you want your players to be spouting couplets, which would be awesome if the characters were all poets or something,

30 Seconds from Mars have a good line in OTT lyrics “Come break me down/ bury me / bury me“. “Your promises, they look like lies/ Your honesty, like a back that hides a knife,” or “It’s a beautiful lie / It’s the perfect denial / Such a beautiful lie to believe in.” I was really pleased when my emo playlist threw up Beautiful Lie just as a dark fae was telling his human lover that there was nothing weird going on with him

You can also look to movies and television for inspiration. Here’s a good one from the first episode of Friday Night Lights: “Life is so very fragile. We are all vulnerable. And we will all at some point in our lives fall. We will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts. That what we have is special.” Of course, that’s quite long for a quote, you might want to break that up some.

From movies there are the big lines that everyone remembers like “I can’t seem to quit you,” and “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” Just watch a couple of movies set at a high school and you should get some more.

Then of course, there are quotes from sessions of the game you have played. If anyone out there has some delicious actual play emo lines to share, please do so in the comments!

For inspiration Tickle-Me Emo.

Buy SKMTFM on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow as well as through Lulu. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Things I Love Thursday

Another picture I drew for EPUC. Giant, angry Oscar the Grouch morphs into a pile of trash and chases girl scouts for their cookies.

My friends. Spending time with old and new friends, chilling out in the sun, swimming in the sea and gaming was so much fun. I really, really enjoyed myself and I can’t wait for the next invitation from Luke and Sam.

Katsu curry: I ended up having this two days in a row for lunch and it was AWESOME. Hede have a $10 lunch special where you can get chicken and potato katsu and a miso soup for $10. So good. Then work gave us katsu curry for free lunch and it was tasty and delicious as well!

New music. Grooveshark are awesome for bringing me new music. Today I also tried out Stereomood, which is a strange little site. You click on the descriptor for the kind of mood you’re in and it plays you music to suit that mood. I found two new songs I like by clicking on ‘Good karma’. The cool thing about that site is that it will mix in music of lots of different genre; a classical piece came up in Good Karma, and it was neat.

Tales for Canterbury is an anthology of short stories organised by SpecFicNZ as a fundraiser for Christchurch Earthquake relief. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, you should go get yours! I’m not in it, but the lovely Debbie and Matt are. Check it out.

Via Sal, baby otters going for a swim:

Honourable Mentions: Hot guys with kittens. Treat Me ($10 for 10 handmade chocolates? Yes.) Clean house, sewing, patchwork, new projects, people appreciating things I’ve made, Easter chocolate, singing harmonies in Rock Band 3, bright colours, cute designs, ordering new T shirts for my darling husband, my mum and dad and my in-laws, roleplaying, making things up and getting things in the mail.

Craft – Patchwork bag

Obsessed with making patchwork bags? Me? Nah…ok maybe a little. They make good gifts. So I made this.

I started with some of my favourite cute Spoonflower fabric by Berrysprite.

I used pretty bright fabrics for the rest of it, rainbow for the handles and spots on the rim. Ain’t it cheerful?

Green with stars for the drawstring cover and pink binding tape for the strings.

Here’s the second one I made, with purple cupcake printed fabric, stripes for the binding and the same fabrics for the handles and lining. I gave this one to Sam, who seemed to like it.

Man, these projects really are quick and addictive.

Craft – Patchwork wristlet

This. I made it. I have actually made it three times now and I don’t show any signs of stopping making them. They’re so freaking cute!

This is the second one I did, I tried to make it all florals to see how elegant my craft could be. Rather elegant I think.

This is the first one I made. I messed up the the seam allowances and it came out a bit small, but still adorable. ❤ it.

Lining and pockets…on this one I used the rather strange combination of Winnie the Pooh for the lining and lingerie print for the pocket, but there you go. Sometimes the things people like are eclectic.

For the all florals wristlet a tasteful toile type print lining and purple houses for the pocket. Lovely.

That’s all three of them together. I got the fake donut keyrings from Japan City, to demonstrate that the little loop could be for keys.

Ah! These are too cute. I want to keep on making them!

Things I Love Thursday – disco Batman edition

Happy St Patrick’s Day. I’ve been singing a selection of Old Irish folk songs to celebrate.

Sorry blogging’s been so light lately, this last week was consumed by a nasty stomach flu which I got last Friday and Lee got on Sunday. Aside from the regular stuff a stomach flu does, it sapped my will to do much except sleep. So, although I have had things to update about I couldn’t get around to actually doing it. Next week will be better, I promise.

Things I Loved while ill: Ginger ale (my saviour), ice blocks (particularly orange Fruju), apricot and banana based smoothies from Fluid, clean PJs, friends who offer to bring me things, Fruits Basket manga, blankies, silly funny videos on youtube, my darling husband and sleeping.

Things I Loved this week: My Silver Kiss LARP has filled up in just a few days. I have a few people on the reserves list too. Still can’t believe anyone thinks it’s a good idea at all XD

I read a book, it was called Sleepaway Girls by Jen Canolita and it was almost exactly like reading There’s a Bat in Bunk Five by Paula Danziger, but written now. I was a little nervous actually, about how many Jonas Brothers, Zefron references there were in this book because I was like ‘noooo, this book is already dated and it’s just been published, noooo’ but apart from that it was excellent. Easy reading, cute characters, a female lead who didn’t have to play dumb for the sake of the romantic plot. Actually I just wanted to keep reading it, so I hope Jen does sequels. Recommended. A+. Have forcefully loaned it to Star.

Honourable Mentions: lunch with friends, my writing buddy, modern medicine, T shirts and chocolate.

Here’s picture I drew for EPUC (seriously go join and play it!) of Batman Disco dancing:

And you? What are you thankful for today?

Fall 215 – Revelations

The gang drops into Boston General Hospital to get Megan’s arm fixed up, they whisk her away and give Calvin and Alex some time to fill out the forms and make up a story. Alex spins a line about how they were at a party and things got rough (or something) and miraculously the nurses believe her. Megan’s pink cast takes a couple of hours to put on, Calvin has a sleep in the waiting room and goes up to pay for her bills when it’s done. The receptionist seems surprised but says the bills are already taken care of.

The drive back to Fall River is very quiet indeed, not just because Darius is sleeping. When Megan walks into her house her mother falls on the ground in relieved hysterics. Megan tries to comfort her.

Alex goes home with Calvin and they run into Martha and Mason who point out that they look terrible. Martha asks if the Spring Fling went well then, Calvin mumbles something and Martha says she was there.

Calvin shows facebook pictures of Ash and Yuki to his sister and tells her never to let them in the house.
Martha: That’s the rule, isn’t it? Don’t invite people in?
Calvin: Yeah, but…especially these guys.
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Things I Love Thursday

Dingo! His name is Wulfric. At our work birthday party we got to pet him. It was awesome, I want a dingo quite a lot now, so pretty.

I learned yesterday that my YA novel Rain hasn’t been shortlisted for the Tessa Duder awards. The copies were returned to me yesterday, and I became sad. Over the course of the day I processed the disappointment and I think tomorrow I can start harnessing the power of rejection.

My friend Jen’s show How’s Wife was really good. Cute and funny and heartwarming. Plus I went up on stage for the game show portion of the show and I think I did ok. Plus she donated all her proceeds to the Red Cross for Chch. Lovely.

Here’s a giraffe.

I will be running a LARP version of my Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon game! 16th April at Vogelmorn Hall. Details of characters, how to sign up here. It is filling rather quickly, so I may have to do a re-run of it at some point. This is a good position to be in.

I am rather addicted to the Broken Picture Telephone game website. You can check out the pictures and sentences I’ve done here. People can give you ‘kudos’ if they like your picture, and I’ve just tipped over 300 kudos to my name! It’s the little things.

This song is old but it’s still good, and pretty empowering really…”life’s too short to be afraid, take a pill to numb the pain. You don’t have to take the pain.”

Honourable Mentions: Barbeque, lovely people, kind words, sleeping in, PJs, thinking of Mason and channelling his surfer zen, Community, Modern Family, new Glee, Supernatural, making beautiful things with my hands, contributing, sympathy and Reece’s pieces. And when people share their own lists of happiness below…

And that’s it, time to rest.

Be Prepared – Time’s up!

OK, so it’s been two weeks since the big one hit Christchurch and we all said we’d get our emergency supplies together.

How’d you do?
Reminder was here.

I still need these things: A way to cook food, like a camp stove maybe, or stock up on wood for the BBQ.

Phone which doesn’t rely on mains power, this should be easy to remember since our fancy digital phone is on its last legs, it won’t stay charged at all.

Can opener! We’ve totes broken our can openers as well, so should be easy enough to remember. Next time we’re at the supermarket we will can opener it up.

One of my workmates pointed out this morning that your survival kit also needs to have cash money in it. Power’s down that means there’s no EFTpos or ATMs, shop owners that are still operating will want you to pay with cash. No one carries cash any more so it’s worth stashing $100 or so in the emergency kit.