Fiasco playset = All the Damn Time

My Tuesday night group loves to play Fiasco by Jason Morningstar. We *get* it, and we have fun with it. We’ve played a bunch of sets and last night we were all excited to play a new one.

We played All the Damn Time and it was awesome. The idea is that you all play Sam Howard, a man who has worked out time travel. We were all Sam at different ages and in different states. We didn’t have any objects or references to Abby Wright or Eric, but we invented some other characters to take their places.

So much fun. We cast Sean Patrick Harris as Sam, since we could all imagine him at different ages. I was the youngest Sam (a teenager) and Svend was the oldest Sam (somewhere in his 50s). Sophie was 20s Sam and in a very dark place – an alcoholic. Wayne was 30s Sam, top of the world, Barney from How I Met Your Mother kind of thing, Celeste was 40s Sam, again in a very dark place and obsessed with money.

It ended up being about a couple of things…the invention 30s Sam was making, and whether the report would be filed that showed how dangerous it was. 40s Sam wanted the object released before the report was filed, so we could make the money. 30s Sam still had scruples and wanted to do right.

The other big thing was Joey – we were in love with her and it turned out she’d dumped us in our 20s for our best friend Mark. Various scenes happened that touched on us trying to change history so we’d be together.

There was some other stuff – teen Sam was a big stoner, and the oldest (NPC) Sam mentioned that marajuana was what had kept us/him alive. 30s Sam had given it up, despite it being legalised by that time. Guns were a theme, with various older Sams threatening youngers ones “for your own good” or to impress Joey. 50s Sam brought Mark to see 20s Sam tell Joey that her baby-daddy Mark was already married (completely fabricated by 40s Sam, who told 20s Sam what to say…)

The game culminated at the Prom, where Teen Sam had taken Joey (an important photo would be taken that night). 30s Sam was there as a teacher, 40s Sam had a squad of people in a black van ready to kidnap Mark (so Joey wouldn’t go with him) and 30s Sam had a similar van full of people to kidnap Mark before the other Sam did. 50s Sam was there as a Janitor to take the photo from Teen Sam, but Teen Sam was onto him and hid on the roof of the building (where there was an altercation over whether or not old Sam would shoot his younger self). Future Mark ended up kidnapping Teen Mark, to protect him from Sams’ meddling.

It was very mind-bending and we started late so we had an abbreviated second act. It ended very badly for 50s Sam, he was arrested back in teenage Sam’s time for pushing teen Sam off the top of the building. Teen and 20s Sam had ‘not much changes’ endings, meaning history hadn’t been sufficiently changed and the events would pan out. Clearly teen Sam didn’t die from falling off the school hall where prom was held. 30s Sam had a Fan-Fucking-tastic ending, which Wayne decided meant he fixed the errors with the invention and it released to worldwide acclaim, setting us up to be the wannabe millionaire 40s Sam already was. 40s Sam had an average-ish ending and Celeste decided that he would be working to break 50s Sam out of prison.


There were lots of funny quotes, like 50s Sam being all “I forgot how much of a dick I was” when meeting Teen Sam, or Teen Sam talking to 30s Sam about the older Sams plotting “Those older us-es are total douches” but I was too busy having fun to note them down.

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