Writing Wednesday

I have a brilliant new motivation for writing/editing/getting things done. I check in once a day with my darling friend Sally (Just remembered that I didn’t remember to today). Anyway, all we do is email and say how much we’ve done. It was going to be a phone call, but I do my writing first thing in the morning and she late at night so that wasn’t going to work. Instead we email and give each other gentle encouragement.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Here’s why it works. If I feel like I have to ‘report’ then I feel like I have to do something so I have something to report. That means I get stuff done, and I challenge myself to do more so that Sally will be more impressed. This means that I get back into the habit of a bit every day.

Getting back into the habit is crucial for me, because when I’m writing regularly I remember how much I enjoy it and I want to do it more. If I want to do it more, I’ll make more time for it and therefore there will be more time to get more done. You see how it works?


Neil Gaiman’s most important writing tips are included in this episode of Arthur he appeared in. Also includes the excellent quote: “Neil Gaiman! What are you doing in my felafel?”

March 5th is buy an NZ book day. Please support NZ book stores and NZ authors by buying their books. I’ll be doing this at Unity Books since then I’m also supporting a local business.

How to Exploit the power of rejection.

“Don’t get it right, just get it written.” ~ James Thurber


One thought on “Writing Wednesday

  1. ❤ For other writers reading this our Writing Buddy method really works for me. I'm aware all the time that someone is keeping dibs but because it is someone I trust so much I just feel encouraged as opposed to worried. If you have a writer friend you should try it!

    I love the Arthur clip. My inner Neil talks to me too. ^^

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