Things I Love Thursday

by Jesse Lonergan

Super hero dance party!

❀ Helping out with Christchurch. What all of us outside of Canterbury have to remember is that this is an ongoing relief effort. You can't make one donation and then think "I've done my bit." This week I've been busy with craft, making sock monkeys for Softies for Christchurch (will post this weekend), I took Ellen to the bake sale on Monday and we bought some tasty baking for charity, an email went round work about new mothers in Wellington hospital who arrived with just the clothes they were wearing so I brought in two bags of clothes for the collection. Tomorrow my work is having a Formal Friday instead of a mufti day so hopefully that will raise a bunch more money and of course…the DrivethruRPG/RPGnow fundraiser has now closed. Thanks to roleplayers in New Zealand and around the world we managed to raise US$46,125 !!! Morgue writes about it here.

Conan has a new web series in the works, and I’m probably going to be in it! Check out the prelim stuff he has up on the show’s website, or if you want to stay spoiler free and watch it as it comes out, stay here and don’t click on it.

cats quoting Charlie Sheen.

Mr Vintage has some lovely designs released for fundraising check them out.

Honourable Mentions: A good night’s sleep, Sophie, Kim (organiser of lots of stuff for Chch and generally awesome person), new cheerful music, new sad music, roleplaying which is all awesomeness at the moment, sushi, sandwiches in the park with my parents, niece and nephew, people who say I’m awesome, guilt shopping that becomes quite productive, my iron, making beautiful things, Easter chocolate and texts that say nice things.

Remember, you must remember: You are amazing. Just the way you are.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. That video is too cute πŸ˜›
    I love:
    -Garden: sunflowers, tomatoes, zucchinis and huge spiky golden flowers, tiny shiny eggplants and the purple flowers they grow from
    -Studying again and work is giving me paid study leave (3 days/ semester, enough to cover one contact course and both exams). For the first time since my career crash I feel really valued at work!
    -Two nights of both boys dry and no-one trying to climb into my bed
    -watching David Attenborough’s Life in Freezer with my wonder-full wonderful boys
    -Back and shoulder exercises that mean I no longer hurt all the time
    -Walking buddies at work
    -Wednesday nights at the ‘opera’ (Idiot running Delta Green’
    -Party this Saturday, Megaroleplaying and Day of Games to look forward to
    -My village on-line and everyone’s tweets, comments and posts
    Sorry… long tonight! So much to love!

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