Be Prepared – Reminder

This is your reminder!

What do you still need?

I went to the supermarket to pick up some hand sanitiser and sunscreen for the Christchurch student army and ended up buying a heap more stuff for our “grab and go” bag (which hopefully we’ll never have to use because our building is well quake-safed). What did I get that I thought of in the middle of a sleepless night (following our own wee quake reminder?):

– A lighter, one of those long barbeque ones.
– Migraine pills for Lee, new pack of fabric bandages, savlon cream
– “Lady things” – you know, tampons and pads. I mean, come on. Who knows what time of the month the big one might strike?
– Tissue packs
– Spare toothbrush (randomly I only got one, not sure why I didn’t grab two. Will get another one this weekend…)

I checked the emergency kit and it did already have a wee radio in it, which is awesome. Then my workmate received the dynamo powered torch she’d bought off Trade Me, so I bought one too. It’s solar powered, or you can hand crank it. It has a radio built in (which works) and it has USB and mini USB ports, so you can generate power with it and then charge something else! AMAZE. The cute wee red one I bought is sold out now but there are others.

You have a few more days before the official ‘deadline’, this weekend make sure you stock up on the stuff you need.

Survival kits are available for purchase here.