Craft – fabric basket

A random link from a Spoonflower tweet caught my eye. Something about fabric storage solutions…some of the things didn’t appeal but there was one incredibly charming little patchwork basket, with very straight forward instructions. I kept the link open on my browser for over a week before finally getting around to making it.

Fabric basket tutorial from Pink Penguin.

I got out my box of scraps and found three likely sized chunks of fabric. I think this basket would look awesome with all mismatched fabrics too but I figured I’d stick to the pattern for my first one.

I used calico for the base and the undersides of the straps.

finished product

I wanted something white and floral for the lining and managed to find this gorgeous fabric in my stash. I think I’d put off using it a bunch because it was so pretty. This was clearly its destiny.

I decided to give the wee basket to Hannah, I figure she can use it to store handkerchiefs or make up or something. I dunno. But I don’t like the idea of giving an empty receptacle so I filled it with cute little odds and ends. Hannah seemed to like it 🙂

Someday soon I’m going to try making this little wristlet as well. I stocked up on 7 inch zips at Spotlight on the way to Hannah’s birthday thing.