Fall 214 – ‘On The Shortbus’

Alex, Megan, Darius and Calvin arrive in Boston, look at Ash’s truck parked on the street and try to work out what to do.

3 hours earlier – Ash and Yuki are in Boston looking for something, They’re checking out minivans, trying to decide which one. There’s a football team in one minivan and the cast of the stage show Priscilla: Queen of the Desert in another minivan. They argue a bit over which to choose. Ash points out that football players are stronger.

Ash: I was on the football team.
Yuki: Yeah!
A: And I’m perfection.

Since they’re in Boston Ash says he wants baked beans, Yuki points out that they don’t really need to eat but Ash is insistent. However even beans have to wait for the whole plan they have to turn all the football players into vampires.

Cut back to the present…

Out in the street Megan decides to be proactive and heads into the hotel reception. (Closest place to stay to Ash’s truck). She tried to information about Ash from the man at reception. He says he’s seen Ash, with a blonde built better than Megan. He refuses to tell her anything more useful, hinting strongly that he would like to be bribed. She doesn’t pick up on it and gets snitty with him, trying to access his computer and eventually being told to leave.

Megan stomps back over to Calvin and Alex and complains. Calvin asks how much she gave the guy and she blinks at him in confusion. Megan tells Calvin to go back with her and bribe the guy but Calvin points out that his cashflow is somewhat dried up at the moment. They talk for a while about how to draw Ash and Yuki out, Megan suggests they use Calvin as bait but Alex quickly says that isn’t going to happen. Calvin suggests they go for coffee and sit down while they figure this out. Darius orders plain hot water. Alex goes outside to pace, impatient and pissed off with Megan.

Darius, Megan and Calvin have a little awkward conversation. When Calvin realises he can’t see Alex outside he gets up to head out the door but is intercepted by Ash and Yuki who make him sit in a booth with them. They make snide comments about him keeping up his end of ‘the bargain’ and Calvin gets defensive, pointing out that they hardly gave Megan back over in a subtle way. Of course Alex would make the connection between Calvin texting and Megan being released to them.

Ash and Yuki bemoan how lame Calvin is and how he could have been so amazing but he blew it. They also say some cryptic things about how Calvin and the others don’t care about the ‘real threat’ and how there are way worse things than them out there.

Megan sneaks up and stabs Ash in the shoulder with a knife and he casually turns and breaks her arm. She falls to the ground, crying with pain, Darius comes over and starts talking to the vampires, winding them up. Calvin first aids Megan with a tea towel from the diner’s counter. The other denizens of the diner cleared out once there appeared to be violence, which was pretty convenient for our heroes.

Ash and Yuki talked about the other vampires, the ones out to get them, and how Darius and the others couldn’t possibly understand and in fact, didn’t want to. Then, just as Alex was sneaking back in, a minivan full of vampiric football players crashed through the front windows and started attacking. The vamp football coach yelled “Get the vampires” and the fight was on. Like ON. Also there was a cheerleader vamp who was actually just cheering (so annoying) and another vamp from a stage show filming everything.

During this fight lots of stuff happened. Yuki was bad ass and dancey, Ash slayed vampires and protected Megan some, Darius was unfortunately bit by a vampire but the vamp then exploded (Darius had ingested some of Haruni’s special tea), Alex leapt about killing vamps and protecting the prone Darius, Megan tried to stake some vamps but hit Alex in the leg instead, then didn’t have the strength to finish a vamp. Alex went to take on the football coach but got sprayed in the eyes with linament spray. Calvin killed a football vamp on his own, then came to Alex’s rescue and cut the arm off the football coach.

The vamps were vanquished, Ash and Yuki disappeared and sirens heralded the approach of the police. The gang from Fall River got out of the diner, confused and unsatisfied.

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3 thoughts on “Fall 214 – ‘On The Shortbus’

  1. yep, I hardly had any notes and it was almost all fight scene. Not that fun to write!

    I did miss the bit when Calvin killed a vamp and was like “I’m amazing now!” you know, to show Ash and Yuki there was no ‘could have been’ about it.

    and yes, the fallout…next session will be intense.

  2. If you are looking for other stuff that happened, Megan took great satisfaction keying the paintwork and slashing the tyres of Ash’s precious truck…

    There was also the bit at the end when Ash told Calvin, Megan had more balls than Calvin did, (which amused me!)

    Really looking forward to the next session to see what happens.

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