Be Prepared – Time’s up!

OK, so it’s been two weeks since the big one hit Christchurch and we all said we’d get our emergency supplies together.

How’d you do?
Reminder was here.

I still need these things: A way to cook food, like a camp stove maybe, or stock up on wood for the BBQ.

Phone which doesn’t rely on mains power, this should be easy to remember since our fancy digital phone is on its last legs, it won’t stay charged at all.

Can opener! We’ve totes broken our can openers as well, so should be easy enough to remember. Next time we’re at the supermarket we will can opener it up.

One of my workmates pointed out this morning that your survival kit also needs to have cash money in it. Power’s down that means there’s no EFTpos or ATMs, shop owners that are still operating will want you to pay with cash. No one carries cash any more so it’s worth stashing $100 or so in the emergency kit.


One thought on “Be Prepared – Time’s up!

  1. I’m only partly there. We have a hoard of food and water and a camp stove. Also deodorant, sanitary goods, knickers (a biggie from what I am hearing from christchurch – you cant go into your house for four days and you have one pair of pants…) and mouth wash. Plenty to get but that all pretty well broke the bank for this fortnight. ^^;

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