Things I Love Thursday

Dingo! His name is Wulfric. At our work birthday party we got to pet him. It was awesome, I want a dingo quite a lot now, so pretty.

I learned yesterday that my YA novel Rain hasn’t been shortlisted for the Tessa Duder awards. The copies were returned to me yesterday, and I became sad. Over the course of the day I processed the disappointment and I think tomorrow I can start harnessing the power of rejection.

My friend Jen’s show How’s Wife was really good. Cute and funny and heartwarming. Plus I went up on stage for the game show portion of the show and I think I did ok. Plus she donated all her proceeds to the Red Cross for Chch. Lovely.

Here’s a giraffe.

I will be running a LARP version of my Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon game! 16th April at Vogelmorn Hall. Details of characters, how to sign up here. It is filling rather quickly, so I may have to do a re-run of it at some point. This is a good position to be in.

I am rather addicted to the Broken Picture Telephone game website. You can check out the pictures and sentences I’ve done here. People can give you ‘kudos’ if they like your picture, and I’ve just tipped over 300 kudos to my name! It’s the little things.

This song is old but it’s still good, and pretty empowering really…”life’s too short to be afraid, take a pill to numb the pain. You don’t have to take the pain.”

Honourable Mentions: Barbeque, lovely people, kind words, sleeping in, PJs, thinking of Mason and channelling his surfer zen, Community, Modern Family, new Glee, Supernatural, making beautiful things with my hands, contributing, sympathy and Reece’s pieces. And when people share their own lists of happiness below…

And that’s it, time to rest.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TILT

    – Zoo is great, Star took Sweets and I there a couple of weeks ago, so I guess I love my out-laws 😉
    – Technology, today I skyped friends in Ireland and Auckland. I know that thanks to technology I found out that friends in chch were safe and well, so much faster than people would have in Napier 80 years ago.
    – Lots of other stuff, like friends, family and cuddles

  2. Tilt
    *My writing buddy!
    *Space to rest in when needed
    *My puppies. So much love in small bodies. So much goof too.
    *Mundens. Of course!
    *making progress
    *the excitement of waiting for postal earrings.

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