Fall 215 – Revelations

The gang drops into Boston General Hospital to get Megan’s arm fixed up, they whisk her away and give Calvin and Alex some time to fill out the forms and make up a story. Alex spins a line about how they were at a party and things got rough (or something) and miraculously the nurses believe her. Megan’s pink cast takes a couple of hours to put on, Calvin has a sleep in the waiting room and goes up to pay for her bills when it’s done. The receptionist seems surprised but says the bills are already taken care of.

The drive back to Fall River is very quiet indeed, not just because Darius is sleeping. When Megan walks into her house her mother falls on the ground in relieved hysterics. Megan tries to comfort her.

Alex goes home with Calvin and they run into Martha and Mason who point out that they look terrible. Martha asks if the Spring Fling went well then, Calvin mumbles something and Martha says she was there.

Calvin shows facebook pictures of Ash and Yuki to his sister and tells her never to let them in the house.
Martha: That’s the rule, isn’t it? Don’t invite people in?
Calvin: Yeah, but…especially these guys.

The next day Alex wakes up and turns on her cellphone to find a number of increasingly urgent messages from her parents. She gives the still deeply asleep Calvin a kiss on the forehead and slips out to go home. Her mother, Barbara, is waiting for her. They have a tense conversation in the kitchen. She informs Alex that she is grounded and she must check in with them before and after school and the school office will be reporting to make sure she turns up to classes. Alex refuses to co operate.
Alex’s Mom suggests it’s ‘that boy Calvin’ who is the bad influence, since Alex used to be such a good girl. There is some talk of her being sent to Uncle Jerry’s farm to cool down.
Alex: I don’t have the energy to pretend I’m going to go along with your stupid little plan, because I’m not.

A week passes and Megan has stayed home from school to look after her mother. She spends a lot of time online searching for her father as well, and her AI supercomputer offers to help. It flicks up a message like ‘more resources needed’ and then ‘resources acquired’. Over the week the things Megan had ordered online appear, a new set of swords, books for Darius, an armoured leather jacket. And then some things she didn’t order, like a huge black SUV with massive bull bars on the front and a courier package stuffed with cash, up to $50k. Megan’s mother freaks out about the deliveries.

Although Alex has always been there for family breakfast she has missed a couple of dinners and doesn’t seem at all repentant. Her parents both sit down with her to talk it out.
Alex’s Dad, Walter: We still believe that our Alex is in there, somewhere.
Alex: Look, I could tell you what all this is about but I doubt you’d believe me. And I’m really not on drugs, I’ll take a urine test so you can check it out!
She ends up telling them the whole deal, about vampires and being a slayer and the whole ‘dealing with the end of the world on a weekly basis’ thing. There’s a pause.
Walter: So, you were chosen? This is a really big deal! Why didn’t you come to us earlier?
Alex: O_O You know about slayers?
Walter: I wasn’t always an accountant you know.

Turns out Alex’s Dad used to hang around with Darius’s parents and fight the forces of darkness just like Alex and Darius are now! (This was a pretty massive revelation from the GM and our minds were all blown.)

Alex explains about how her friends are helping her out and the thing about multiple slayers all over the world. Alex’s mother looks worried still but less in a ‘wtf is happening with my little girl?’ way and more in a ‘she’s going to eaten by a vampire’ way. Walter, who is super stoked (and for some reason I picture as Phil off Modern Family, although someone else was cast for him I just can’t remember. Her Mom is Geena Davis.) comes around the table to give Alex a hug.
Walter: That’s a huge weight off my mind. But don’t squeeze me too hard! (lols)

Alex also gives her mom a hug and excuses herself, clearly feeling weird telling them that she’s going out and knowing that they know what that means. Once she’s out the house she texts Calvin: OMG You’ll never guess what just happened!

She turns up at his house, having run across town to see him. She tells him about her father being cool with the slayer stuff and they are both impressed.
Alex: But, I’m worried that Dad’s gonna want to come on patrol with us.
Calvin:…another pair of hands could be good though.
But she’s too happy about her parents to be quiet for long and goes back to raving. Calvin nods and is pretty quiet and finally suggests they go patrolling, which Alex agrees to immediately.

Calvin has been checking the papers (Alex helped also) and it turns out that the rash of suicides is still going. They wonder what to do about it and then Alex suggests asking her father for help. They both walk into her house and Walter greets them both.
Walter to Calvin: So, you’re seeing my daughter?
Calvin: Yes…
Walter: You look after her, or you’re going to be in a shallow grave.
Calvin nods.

They explain the problem and he suggests research, saying it never let him down. He talks about the library at Darius’s and a couple of things they could do to find out more. He mentions getting plans of buildings around town from Jim Locke and is disappointed when they say he’s one of the ones who killed himself. Walter suggests breaking into the morgue and checking out the dead bodies. Calvin and Alex are both stunned by this suggestion from a parental figure. They decide to track down the notes from Jim’s van and break into the morgue. As they leave Calvin shakes Alex’s dad’s hand and says “thank you, sir.”

Alex and Calvin head to Megan’s to ask about Jim’s stuff. They are surprised by the gigantic SUV and the pile of mail packaging discarded by the door. A very sad, forlorn looking Megan’s mum answers the door and listlessly tells them Megan’s upstairs. She wanders off, Calvin and Alex watch her go and then look at each other.
Calvin: You want me to go first?
Alex: Yeah.

They head up the stairs, Calvin knocks on the door and goes in. They all say hey to each other, Megan looking first excited to see Calvin and then disappointed to see Alex. The three have a tense talk. Alex asks about what happened to Jim’s stuff and she remembers some gang-looking types came and took his notes, his van was taken by a repossession agency. They ask about all the new gear she has and she points out the wad of cash delivered earlier that day.

Alex: Why did it send you cash?
Megan: Maybe it’s feeling guilty.
Alex: How is it sending you things?
Calvin: How is it feeling?

Megan won’t be swayed, she wants the computer to find her dad and she says she’ll work on getting it to return the money its taken. Calvin, realising the funds have largely come out of his bank account, gets angrier and angrier but doesn’t say anything. Alex remembers that there was a camera outside Megan’s house and notices the webcam light on Megan’s extremely flash new laptop. Realising that they’re being watched she tempers her words in regards to the computer.

Alex takes the repossession notice that was left, it has the address of the car lot on it. Megan offers to come with them but Alex shuts her down, telling her to work on her computer problems instead.

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