Things I Love Thursday – disco Batman edition

Happy St Patrick’s Day. I’ve been singing a selection of Old Irish folk songs to celebrate.

Sorry blogging’s been so light lately, this last week was consumed by a nasty stomach flu which I got last Friday and Lee got on Sunday. Aside from the regular stuff a stomach flu does, it sapped my will to do much except sleep. So, although I have had things to update about I couldn’t get around to actually doing it. Next week will be better, I promise.

Things I Loved while ill: Ginger ale (my saviour), ice blocks (particularly orange Fruju), apricot and banana based smoothies from Fluid, clean PJs, friends who offer to bring me things, Fruits Basket manga, blankies, silly funny videos on youtube, my darling husband and sleeping.

Things I Loved this week: My Silver Kiss LARP has filled up in just a few days. I have a few people on the reserves list too. Still can’t believe anyone thinks it’s a good idea at all XD

I read a book, it was called Sleepaway Girls by Jen Canolita and it was almost exactly like reading There’s a Bat in Bunk Five by Paula Danziger, but written now. I was a little nervous actually, about how many Jonas Brothers, Zefron references there were in this book because I was like ‘noooo, this book is already dated and it’s just been published, noooo’ but apart from that it was excellent. Easy reading, cute characters, a female lead who didn’t have to play dumb for the sake of the romantic plot. Actually I just wanted to keep reading it, so I hope Jen does sequels. Recommended. A+. Have forcefully loaned it to Star.

Honourable Mentions: lunch with friends, my writing buddy, modern medicine, T shirts and chocolate.

Here’s picture I drew for EPUC (seriously go join and play it!) of Batman Disco dancing:

And you? What are you thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – disco Batman edition

  1. I was just thinking you hadn’t blogged much this week!

    Costume planning
    Pie success
    Baby cuddles
    Toddler giggles
    Skyping with friends who are far away

  2. TILT
    -Horrorscopes was hilarious
    -James being super helpful when we stacked wood at the weekend
    -Tom’s stories!
    -Stacks of wood for cosy fires
    -Finishing my assignment on time
    -Anticipating Megaroleplaying
    -Feeling happy most of the time

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