Craft – Patchwork wristlet

This. I made it. I have actually made it three times now and I don’t show any signs of stopping making them. They’re so freaking cute!

This is the second one I did, I tried to make it all florals to see how elegant my craft could be. Rather elegant I think.

This is the first one I made. I messed up the the seam allowances and it came out a bit small, but still adorable. ❤ it.

Lining and pockets…on this one I used the rather strange combination of Winnie the Pooh for the lining and lingerie print for the pocket, but there you go. Sometimes the things people like are eclectic.

For the all florals wristlet a tasteful toile type print lining and purple houses for the pocket. Lovely.

That’s all three of them together. I got the fake donut keyrings from Japan City, to demonstrate that the little loop could be for keys.

Ah! These are too cute. I want to keep on making them!


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