Craft – Patchwork bag

Obsessed with making patchwork bags? Me? Nah…ok maybe a little. They make good gifts. So I made this.

I started with some of my favourite cute Spoonflower fabric by Berrysprite.

I used pretty bright fabrics for the rest of it, rainbow for the handles and spots on the rim. Ain’t it cheerful?

Green with stars for the drawstring cover and pink binding tape for the strings.

Here’s the second one I made, with purple cupcake printed fabric, stripes for the binding and the same fabrics for the handles and lining. I gave this one to Sam, who seemed to like it.

Man, these projects really are quick and addictive.


10 thoughts on “Craft – Patchwork bag

  1. That first one kills me with the cute!! Would the pattern be easy to upsize do you think? I saw Sam’s and thought was awesome, just want it bigger! Also, is this helping you use up stash at all, or just inspiring you to buy more?

    Also, also, I’ve been using my pincushion 🙂

  2. Giffy, not sure about scaling it up. I guess if you just add the same amount all around it should work out?

    The wristlets have been great for using up my scraps but these bags are using mostly bigger bits. Unfortunately I just keep on buying more and more fabric.

    Zeph, yeah, I love the cover too. So practical.

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