Things I Love Thursday

Another picture I drew for EPUC. Giant, angry Oscar the Grouch morphs into a pile of trash and chases girl scouts for their cookies.

My friends. Spending time with old and new friends, chilling out in the sun, swimming in the sea and gaming was so much fun. I really, really enjoyed myself and I can’t wait for the next invitation from Luke and Sam.

Katsu curry: I ended up having this two days in a row for lunch and it was AWESOME. Hede have a $10 lunch special where you can get chicken and potato katsu and a miso soup for $10. So good. Then work gave us katsu curry for free lunch and it was tasty and delicious as well!

New music. Grooveshark are awesome for bringing me new music. Today I also tried out Stereomood, which is a strange little site. You click on the descriptor for the kind of mood you’re in and it plays you music to suit that mood. I found two new songs I like by clicking on ‘Good karma’. The cool thing about that site is that it will mix in music of lots of different genre; a classical piece came up in Good Karma, and it was neat.

Tales for Canterbury is an anthology of short stories organised by SpecFicNZ as a fundraiser for Christchurch Earthquake relief. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, you should go get yours! I’m not in it, but the lovely Debbie and Matt are. Check it out.

Via Sal, baby otters going for a swim:

Honourable Mentions: Hot guys with kittens. Treat Me ($10 for 10 handmade chocolates? Yes.) Clean house, sewing, patchwork, new projects, people appreciating things I’ve made, Easter chocolate, singing harmonies in Rock Band 3, bright colours, cute designs, ordering new T shirts for my darling husband, my mum and dad and my in-laws, roleplaying, making things up and getting things in the mail.