Things I Love Thursday

Pretty pretty song from Sucker Punch…

Much like I love Garfield minus Garfield, I am enamoured with 3eanuts, in which the last frame of Peanuts comics are removed. They become quite sad and existential.

There’s a new My Little Pony cartoon series out which I quite want to watch. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.) The clips I’ve seen from it are self-referential, funny and adorable. A little more hardcore and knowing than the old My Little Pony and Friends show. You can see clips of it mashed up with slightly more hardcore movie trailers here.

I like learning. io9 is my best source of new information and I especially love the articles they post on new scientific findings. Like Macaques can count but do better when it’s not food, much like little kids.

Puppies for Christmas is pretty adorable, and make me smile and nearly cry…

Honourable Mentions: The monkeys you ordered for dry, deadpan LOLs. Schnitzel at lunchtime, branching out to new things at work, running in the morning, new trackies (extra soft and comfy!), feeling like I’m doing good, roleplaying for escapism, new music, my robot shirt, getting new Spoonflower fabric in the mail, giving people handmade things which they like, robo defence, the wind blowing my hair up and back, good crunchy juicy apples, raspberries and cream fresh’n’fruity, watching Dr Who (when it isn’t nightmare fuel anyway), hoodies and my lovely friends and family.

and let’s not forget Matt Smith and Orbital.


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