Things I Love Thursday

Good books and Gilmore Girls. Let’s face it, I would have been way more whiney and miserable about getting a cold over Easter weekend if I hadn’t had a good book to read and Gilmore Girls to watch. So fluffy, so light and fun. So predictable because of how I’ve watched the entire series three (or four?) times.

I really love Tumblr. I think I have the hang of it now. It’s like Twitter but for pictures. The thing I mostly use if for is a kind of refined pop culture feed. I add the things I like (Dick Grayson, DC superheroines, Slenderman, Dr Who) and then I get a frequently updated stream of awesome. I’m sure people can use it for other things too.

Plants. This week I purchased two new plants (a bird of paradise and a wee pointy succulent) and I repotted one of them successfully, and I bought plant food which all my plants loved, and I made my own aphid spray and put it in a spray bottle and it totally worked! Well, maybe spraying the aphids with water would have worked anyway, but the tomato leaf concoction seems to have stopped them coming back. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I hate aphids quite a lot and they were trying to kill my chili plant. But I won, so it’s all good.

New trailer for the second part of the last Harry Potter movie! Argh, can’t wait to see this…

Honourable Mentions: Things that make me warm, delicious food, aloe vera tissues, Lee, my lovely friends, my lovely family, new Lego minifigures, craft and lying down.

Awesome YA books

Love is Hell

…is a book of short stories including some personal favourites of mine Scott Westerfeld and Melissa Marr. The collection is themed Love is Hell which means you know that it’s more about the course of true love running less than smoothly. I enjoyed them. There was quite a spooky ghost story to start the book, and I particularly enjoyed Westerfeld’s perfect world school assignment romance where kids elected to experience some of the crap humans had to put up with in the past, such as the common cold, or sleeping. Overall, good light fun.

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Classic teen supernatural romance, except this time it’s human girl/Djinn boy. I really liked this. It alternated points of view between the two leads, which was really nice for seeing the changing way they felt about each other. It was pretty light, pretty fluffy and I’m not too sure I endorse the ending, but the book as a whole is cute and a good read.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

OK so. Unlike the other two this is not a light or fluffy read. This is the story of Sam, who has an ordinary school day (she’s one of the popular mean girls, but painfully aware of her geeky roots) and then dies. Then she wakes up on the morning of her last day, like a horrible version of Groundhog Day where she’s not sure what she has to do to get out of the time loop and save her own life…It’s very compelling.

I loved the way the author showed you scenes from multiple points of view and as Sam learned more about her actions and the consequences, she saw how they impacted everyone around her. Very good, very life affirming, and if the romance was kind of obvious, I forgive it for being sweet and believable. There were a couple of missteps in the telling of it (notably the italics where Sam addresses the reader directly) but otherwise I was really into it and read the last third in a day. Highly recommend this one.

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everybunny!

I bought me and Lee fancy Easter treats from Butler’s, since if you’re going to do Easter treats, why not do handmade expensive Easter treats?

Things I have achieved this long weekend so far: Picnic with friends, decluttering, purchase of new storage solutions, organisation of overflow fabric into storage baskets on decluttered shelves, visiting with parents-in-law, contracted a cold and whined about it, Easter egg hunt, purchased two new pot plants (Bird of paradise and a pointy looking succulent), lots of reading and snuggling under a blankie.

How’s your Easter going?

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Easter everyone!

I ran my SKMTFM larp on Saturday, and I should really do a blog post all on that, about what I learned, etc. But I think I’m still working things out. Anyway, the response has been very good, from the people I’ve heard from, and the feedback reasonable and easy to implement. So yay! Norm also uploaded his awesome photos he took over the course of the night, so here’s my favourite one of me.

I couldn’t tell you when in the night this was, or what I’m reacting too, but I’m so very happy! It makes me LOL.

On Sunday we caught up with my aunty, cousin and cousin’s two girls. I hadn’t seen them in a few years, so that was awesome. Plus my regular extended family and then we spend the evening at Lee’s parent’s new place and his sister’s family. It’s neat to just hang out with people who…well, I guess family does judge you, but they forgive you afterwards. Plus, good to catch up with everyone. Plus plus, Lee’s parents have a spa pool. Nice.

How to dress like a cartoon character.

I am slowly getting the hang of Tumblr. Slowly. Mine is here. But what I like is reading all through the history archives of a Tumblr dedicated to stuff I love. Then you can find awesome things like this.

school librarian

If you’re 12, like I am, you will likely enjoy this video of The Count where they’ve blooped over the word ‘count’. I laughed quite a lot…

Honourable Mentions: Authentic Amerrrrrrican rice krispy treats care of a workmate’s mom, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, easter eggs, cuddles, laughing out loud, cake, lovely kind friends, Lego minifigures, sunny Autumn days, hot blackcurrant drinks, 30 Rock, ordering all the Batman comics ever, Batman: the bold and the brave, changing into PJ pants when I get home from work because I don’t have to go out again, Roast’n’Salad, waterproof boots, hot cross buns free from work and my darling husband.

Things I Love Thursday

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Dr Who?

I’m actually very nervous because on Saturday I’m running my first ever try of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon: The Live Action Roleplaying Event. I have the character sheets printed, I have some streamers and balloons, plan for a cake care of the delightful Sophie and no confidence at all that I can pull this off. However other people have confidence in me, so that’s something!

Twitter.I was chatting to a friend about how I wasn’t keen to attend Armageddon because Bill Willingham pulled out, and then Bill Willingham himself got in touch and explained the deal. ❤ communication is amazing.

Yesterday I started playing with my copy of Wreck this journal by Keri Smith. It’s really, really, ridiculously liberating and fun to tear pages in the book, or colour in a whole page, or punch holes with a pencil. I was grinning, flashing back to being a kid and also being a teenager and doodling over everything. Could this be a way out of my creative crisis? I hope so. A++ highly recommended.

Honourable Mentions: Pink shirt day, people treating me like I’m intelligent and have important things to say, dreaming about kittens, pizza from Jimbom in the BNZ centre, new comics to read (Unwritten), enjoying silly-but-well-written Young Adult fiction, New music obsessions (Florence and the Machine and Imogen Heap), sleeping the whole night through, excellent roleplaying with exceptional people, laughing til you cry and creating new and adorable things with socks. (Pictures soon!)

And you? What’s your list of things to be grateful for today?

Also, happy birthday Dad!

Fall 217 – “Dead Serious”

The episode opens with Alex sitting at the breakfast table waiting for her Dad to come downstairs. She walks out to his car with him, suggesting that they tell Jarrod what’s going on, with the vampires and everything.
Dad: Yeah, Jarrod wandering around with a stake isn’t going to make him safer.
Alex: Well, no, but he’s not safe anyway.
Dad: If he knows about he’s just going to want to go patrolling with you.
Alex: He can come patrolling, Calvin can look out for him.
Dad: NO.
They talk a while longer, and they agree to talk about it with Alex’s mother before they make a decision.

In homeroom at school Darius, Alex and Megan are all on time. Megan is slouched at the back of the class wearing black and dark glasses and looking emo. Tiffany and Aurora show up to point out her shortcomings and are generally mean. Darius offers them a can of coke, but they decline since it’s not diet.
Tiffany: atotallosersayswhat? Megan?
Megan: … really?
as they leave Megan yells out something like “1985 called and it wants its joke back” but she is laughed down.

Darius turns to Megan and bugs Megan into speaking with her. He says that they have to find her computer, she removes the battery from her phone and then asks for Darius’s.
D: Why?
M hisses: because it can hear you!
D drops his phone: WHAT?
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