Fall 216 – Stormclouds on the Horizon

Calvin and Alex knock at Darius’s door. There is no answer. Alex knocks a few more times and calls out but there’s no reply. Calvin retrieves the spare key from under a rock near the path and they let themselves in. Nebby comes to see them, looking rather sad. He whines and leads them upstairs to where Darius is sitting, staring at his computer as it scrolls through pictures of his parents, Nebby, the gang and himself in happier times.

Alex manages to talk Darius down from his emo fixation, saying that she’s sorry she’s been so harsh on him about magic and that she knows he was just trying to help. She also tells him that her Dad used to know Darius’s parents and that they used to go out monster fighting together. Darius gets teary then. She convinces him to come downstairs and she makes him some beans on toast. Calvin, who had been trying to disappear into the wall while they talked about emotions, takes Nebby outside for some exercise.

Alex talks to Darius and convinces him that he needs to get out of the house, so they make a plan to go to The Limit. Alex goes outside to see Calvin, and she apologises for more or less ordering him to take Nebby out. Calvin brushes it off, saying he was looking for an escape anyway. Alex mentions the plan to head to the Limit and Calvin wrestles with something.

Calvin: Since we’re not, uh…going out? Don’t you think we should…uh…
Alex: She’s got bigger things to sort out don’t you think?
C: Yeah but, kinda harsh isn’t it?
Alex looks at him for a moment and then shakes her head: Fine. You want her along, you invite her.

Calvin watches Alex go back into the house and then texts Megan, tells her there’s been a change of plans and saying to meet them at the club. She texts back that she’s not feeling well. Darius gets dressed in his leather jacket and struts into the club looking dangerous. The bouncer on the door tells Alex to keep an eye on him, because they don’t want any trouble. The Limit is packed, it’s student night and everyone is there. Alex heads to the bathroom, Darius goes to the bar and Calvin goes to find a seat.

Darius is overly excited about buying booze and is refused service, the barman doesn’t believe his faked ID from Megan’s supercomputer. He comes away with a cranberry juice. Calvin finds a table inhabited by Darius’s beret-wearing buddies and glares at them significantly. They vacate the table and he sits down. Darius and Alex join him and Darius admits that he wasn’t able to buy alcohol. Calvin goes to the bar and gets a jug of beer. Darius realises he doesn’t like cranberry juice and gives it to Alex. The gang talks about Megan and how she is being unreasonable, but also how they can help.

Then Alex says it’s time to dance, so she and Darius get up. She asks Calvin but he declines. Alex and Darius have fun dancing. A blonde comes and sits down by Calvin, asking what he’s up to. He says he’s there with his friends and Alex overhears this and becomes incensed. While Darius sings and dances to Simply The Best by Tina Turner Alex strides over to the table. The blonde looks up and asks who it is, Calvin says it’s his girlfriend and Alex is instantly appeased, she walks away. The blonde backs off, telling Calvin he should go and talk with Alex.

Right about then Alex, Darius and Calvin’s phones all go off. They all have the same message from an anonymous sender saying that Megan is in trouble and their help is required. It has a GPS symbol showing them where to go. They head to St Mary’s cemetery and find a rhino-headed demon (Daniel described him has a rhino crossed with Ving Rames) battering at the door of a crypt which Megan is hiding in. There is an epic fight…

Calvin says to Alex and Darius that they shouldn’t kill the demon, they should try questioning it to see if it knows anything about the suicides. They kind of roll their eyes at him, especially since it seems to be speaking some weird demon language. Alex hits it with her machete and it hits her back into a tree. Calvin tries to hit the demon with his axe but it’s thick hide and armour mean it doesn’t do much. It tries to backhand him but he dodges (just). Megan emerges from the crypt with her sword and the demon goes for her, trampling her. Darius uses his telekinesis to add power to his sword arm, it hits the demon and propels out of Darius’s grip, embedding in the crypt wall. Between all of them they manage to almost kill it.

Calvin gets Darius to do the ‘repeat after me’ spell so they can understand what it’s saying. It asks if it has died with honour, if Megan is a warrior. Darius and Calvin both nod and then the demon dies. Megan is badly hurt. Alex helps her back to the car while Calvin and Darius look at the sword in the crypt wall. It’s deeply embedded and they can’t get it out. They wipe it clean of prints and leave it there.

Back at Darius’s Calvin first aids Megan, she is quiet and dejected. Darius and Alex research…something. I can’t remember what they find out and I don’t have notes on it. Calvin drops Alex home, she walks into the empty kitchen to a note which says that her dinner is in the oven. Smiling she takes it out and eats.

Alone in the car Calvin asks Megan if she went out to get herself killed.
Megan: That’s what we do isn’t it?
C: No. We go out in a group so that we don’t die.
M: Whatever
C: Your mother really needs you right now. You can’t leave her alone when all these people are killing themselves over smaller things.
M: I just…everything I do goes wrong.
C: At least you have a mother.
M:…Yeah. I didn’t mean to do anything to hurt her.

Calvin asks Megan if she thinks it would help if her and her mother moved in with him and his sister. Maybe the company would help. Megan says “maybe” and gets out of the car. Calvin drives home.

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