Things I Love Thursday

Many of my friends are going through bad stuff at the moment, I hope you know my thoughts and love are with you.

The caption I drew that for was: “Bubble Bobble Late Night: No more fruit, just alcohol now.”
I’m quite happy with the likeness.

I have to admit I am enjoying older Dr Who. I was very frightened of David Tennant with his crazy eyes, but Eccleston eased me into the character of the Dr and now I think Tennant is quite lovely. I especially love it when he plays with kittens. Like this. I like Martha too, and I like discussions with Lee about whether things are scary or not. Generally I say yes, he says no. Also our favourite episodes are quite different. (Although, am I actually the only person on Earth who doesn’t like River Song? She’s an insufferable Mary Sue..)

My friends. I like that I have friends who worry about me, and who are open with their feelings, and who know that sometimes it’s best not to give advice and to just let things lie. Also, it’s good to have people to invite to a roast pork dinner and rock band night.

A video of a sleeptalking kitty:

This kitty is sleepy:

Honourable Mentions: printed out photos, handcrafts, warm socks, burrowing under the blankets, NEW SERIES LEGO MINIFIGURES!, good books, the library, hoodies (OMG so much), new T shirts, people watching, stripes, steak night, roleplaying, smoothies, looking forward to catching up with family on the weekend and hot chocolate on a cold day.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I also really don’t like River Song.

    My favourite episode was Matt Smith’s first one mostly because of the fantastic score and Amy Pond’s awesome introduction. My fav before that was “Blink”.

    Stephen Moffat is the best thing to happen to that show.

  2. I don’t like River Song much either… I’m not sure we’re supposed to?

    -Slept well last night.
    -Sticking “Busy but relaxed” to the top of my computer screen this morning seems to have had the desired effect”
    -Deciding to devote afternoon tea-break each day to reading maths notes and discovering I can pick it up fine when I’m awake
    -Joking about being toast when we’re restructured to the section manager and him saying that though they don’t know yet, I’m very useful to them
    -Good feedback all week about training sessions I’ve run recently
    -Rubbing about a quarter of my overwhelming to do list off my whiteboard this morning because it was done already
    -James leaping ahead reading groups and reading the (super-cheesy) “Big Brother Little Brother” ( to me and Tom at bedtime 3 night this week (in addition to his school reading book
    -Walking (or running) every day this week
    -Beautiful boys!!
    -TILT (thank you Jenni)

  3. From the (admittedly small) sample I’ve seen of the Dr Who fandom a lot of people love River Song very much. They’re all about how she’s so badass and cool and scares daleks and knows more than the Dr. Most people (including Mark of love her.

    I do not. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

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