Fall 217 – “Dead Serious”

The episode opens with Alex sitting at the breakfast table waiting for her Dad to come downstairs. She walks out to his car with him, suggesting that they tell Jarrod what’s going on, with the vampires and everything.
Dad: Yeah, Jarrod wandering around with a stake isn’t going to make him safer.
Alex: Well, no, but he’s not safe anyway.
Dad: If he knows about he’s just going to want to go patrolling with you.
Alex: He can come patrolling, Calvin can look out for him.
Dad: NO.
They talk a while longer, and they agree to talk about it with Alex’s mother before they make a decision.

In homeroom at school Darius, Alex and Megan are all on time. Megan is slouched at the back of the class wearing black and dark glasses and looking emo. Tiffany and Aurora show up to point out her shortcomings and are generally mean. Darius offers them a can of coke, but they decline since it’s not diet.
Tiffany: atotallosersayswhat? Megan?
Megan: … really?
as they leave Megan yells out something like “1985 called and it wants its joke back” but she is laughed down.

Darius turns to Megan and bugs Megan into speaking with her. He says that they have to find her computer, she removes the battery from her phone and then asks for Darius’s.
D: Why?
M hisses: because it can hear you!
D drops his phone: WHAT?

Calvin slopes into homeroom late and sits beside Alex.
Alex: did you see the paper this morning?
C: Uh, I overslept and then I came here.
She catches him up on the city records death, the map of the morgue and her conversation with her father. They can both hear Megan and Darius’s conversation, they are thinking up different ways of tracking down the computer and Megan is catching Darius up on all the things it’s been doing.
Alex: We should go and intervene before they do something stupid.
Calvin: probably a good id-
Alex: Or we could go and make out in a stairwell somewhere.
Calvin perks up considerably.
Alex: hold that thought.
They go and talk to the others and it’s generally decided that they should break into the morgue that night, to examine the bodies of the suicides.

During the school day Megan goes to the computer lab and communicates with her AI. She asks if it had anything to do with the death at city records and it tells her that it hired someone to go in and retrieve the documents since it doesn’t have a body. Megan tells it it’s not ok to kill people and the computer asks if people dying is a problem. She tells it that it shouldn’t let people die and that it’s a prime directive.

Calvin, who has noticed that Megan isn’t just sad, but seriously depressed, tracks down Darius and mentions he’s concerned.
Darius, to clarify the situation asks if he thinks she’s a bit down or…and then he mimed wrist cutting and blood spurting out.
Calvin: Uh. The second one. So, just…you know. Keep an eye on her, or something.
D: Ok, but we’re not having a pity party for her.
C: Uh…
D: Because if she’s getting a pity party I want a pity party. And we shouldn’t have any pity parties because we have other things to do.
C: No pity parties. I’m on board with that.

Calvin then tracks down Mason, who has a way of seeing to the heart of problems and communicates with a minimum of speaking. (Such a guru, Mason + Calvin 4 eva! ~ Ed.) Mason is sitting with a stack of refill making balls and throwing them into the trashcan.
Calvin: so, if a friend was like, really depressed. How can you help?
Mason (thinks): girl or guy.
C: girl
M (long pause, then): with a crush?
C (sighs): yeah.
Mason thinks about this for a long time. Then he says that this person will need to talk to someone, not Calvin.
C: yeah, that’s what I thought.
M: another girl.
C: Hmm. Martha.

After school Calvin tracks Megan down and gives her a lift home. It’s very awkward. He asks her if she’s thought about his offer of coming to stay and she says she hasn’t, she’ll have to talk to her mother. There is more awkward. He says he’ll see her at the morgue.

Back home Calvin talks to Martha and she gives him much good advice re: helping Megan. Including telling her to come for dinner and when, so she doesn’t have to make any decisions. He tells her everything, about Megan trying to kiss him and how her and Alex aren’t getting on at the moment. Then he asks if she’s heard from their parents recently and she says no, she’s just heard from the attorneys. When Calvin admits he hasn’t heard from them since before she came back, Martha becomes concerned. Calvin brushes it off, although he does mention that Darius could potentially use magic to track them down.

There is a montage of Alex doing very ordinary things like her homework, and talking to her family before heading out for a cemetery patrol on the way to the morgue.

The gang meets up and have no particularly good ideas about getting through the hospital and into the morgue. Eventually Alex approaches the guard in the box by the carpark and lures him out of it by saying there were people fighting nearby. Darius helps by making noises and beating the wall with a stick. He throws it to the other side of the carpark and the guard and Alex go that way.

Megan, Darius and Calvin sneak through and Megan circumvents the swipe card accesses so they can get in and down into the morgue. They have to wait while a late working morgue person finishes up and then they sneak through. (There’s a humourous moment when they discover that someone’s in there and Calvin and Darius both try to hide under the desk. Megan calmly reopens the door and steps through. The boys follow.) Megan waits out in the foyer, jimmying the lift in case someone comes back through. In the morgue Calvin examines the body of someone who died by stepping in front of a moving vehicle, he pokes around in the brain and finds evidence of inflammation in the frontal lobe, as if there’s an infection. Calvin goes to check the other bodies, to see if there are any others with exposed brains, and Darius grabs hold of the arm of the one Calvin had been looking at before. He focusses all his psychic powers and manages to levitate the body, but not to learn anything new. Calvin takes some samples of the infected brain matter in plastic sample bags and they leave.

Darius and Megan have a bit of an argument outside the lift and wake up someone in the staff room, they get into the lift and go before they’re seen. Outside there’s more arguing, but with Alex there. Darius is trying to provoke Megan into being her old self but it doesn’t seem to be working. Back at Darius’s Calvin examines the brain matter in a microscope with Megan and Alex’s help. There’s a kind of demon virus thing in there, which is working on the emotional centres of the brain. Some research brings up cases of this happening before through history and that there’s no cure. However folk remedies like bunches of herbs and writing out abracadabra in a triangle seem to ward it off. The infections seem to be centred in the middle of Fall River town.

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