I love my Wreck This Journal and I’m going to keep going on about it until I’ve finished it. In the meantime this page has had a lot of attention on Tumblr, and I figured you non-Tumblr folks might like it too .

So, what would your sign say?

Point of Fashion: slightly confused
Current Obsession: creating things!

Things I Love Thursday

sunrise, Saturday morning

The 48 hours film comp. Our heat was last night, so we got to see Ants and Kerina strut their stuff on the big screen and get a round of applause from the audience. Dan Slevin gave us a nice shout out about how we’re always in the competition and it’s always nice to see us, so that was lovely. It’s hard to tell if people enjoy drama films, but the round of applause did seem warm and long, so that’s something. It was a pretty strong heat, the quality of films goes up every year.

❤ I know I keep going on about this, but I really love my Wreck This Journal. I have been putting up pictures of my progress on my Tumblr and connecting with other people the world over who are doing it too. It’s neat to see how differently people interpret the pages. Check it out.(Also I gifted a Wreck This Journal this week and it was indeed well received.)

Glee. I’ve been trying to catch up and I just watched the Prom episode. It’s all lovely and cute and cheery. Makes me happy.

I. Love. Unicorns.

❤ I'm not religious, but I grew up watching the 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar and singing along. This song, Gethsemane, sung by Ted Neely still gives me chills.

And if you enjoyed that, compare with him performing the same song on stage in 2006, a much older man, but perhaps a more powerful delivery for that.

Honourable Mentions: Watching Gilmore Girls when you feel crap, warm bed, cookies, my awesome friends, popcorn, taking photos, sewing, making colours, candy, chocolate and roast’n’salad.

Fall 219 – “Boiler”

Darius, Alex and Calvin are wrangling the Gulk demon grub, get it into Nebby’s old carry cage where it exudes mucus.
They do research for demon banishing, etc. Calvin tries to help but has picked up a D&D manual again. Alex and Darius between them find something useful and they head off in Kermit.

They get a tarp for under the cage, drive through town. The Grub orients itself towards the suffering and despair. They find the source at an old building recently converted into offices. Alex suggests they get on the roof, since it might be easier to break in from up there. While trying to find a way up the building Darius climbs up on an old coal chute, both Calvin and Alex realise that’s an easier way in.

Calvin offers to go first, and they send the Grub cage down to him. He catches it but there’s a mucus inertia problem and he gets slimed down the front of his shirt. The others follow with little fuss and they investigate the basement. The Grub has calmed down, seems very relaxed. They let it out of the cage and it immediately buries itself.

Alex hears a wind-like sound and follows it to an extra dark corner of the basement, they throw a torch into it and there’s no sound. Figuring what the Hell, they all go into the blackness and find themselves outside, in daylight in a weird perfect looking suburban world. Darius investigates behind them, trying to find a portal, there is none. Calvin approaches a man over the road who is mowing his lawn and asks him where they are, he seems confused and unable to think, eventually running back into his house. Alex goes to knock on the door of the closest house, Darius and Calvin behind her.
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Post 48 hours 2011

Our 7th year of making movies in just one weekend, and I feel like I have learned so much and at the same time, I know nothing at all.

Speaking of being deep and mysterious, I went through a lot of emotions this weekend, most of them random and uncalled for. I was able to ignore the negative stuff and focus on the good stuff. The way our team works together, the way that people pull through for each other and pitch in to make a tangible thing at the end of the weekend.

Friday night we got the call, just on 7pm. We had been given Road Movie for our genre. The character was Billy Young, an ex-bully, the prop was a bent bit of wire, the line of dialogue “What have you got?” and there was a required film effect: a freeze frame ending.

This year I was head writer again. My team was me, Hannah and Dale and we worked together in a new and very effective way. Hannah pitched a solid way to put the film together and between the whole group we came to a great approach to the story. We were able to leave the big team brainstorm at 8.30pm, and we settled into my spare room quickly. We talked through what we thought was *really* happening in the story and what we had to remember it. We collaborated on the first scenes and then fell into a routine: Dale and I talked through the beats and what should happen and when. Hannah, on the laptop, took care of the dialogue.

We read through it a number of times, edited back, sorted out the finer points and were more or less done by 12.20. I sent Dale and Hannah home, took a break on tumblr and did two more polishing passes on the script. It was pretty darn great. I headed into bed around 1am and got to sleep around 40 minutes later. I woke up again right at 4.44 for a while, then managed to sleep again until 6 when Lee’s alarm went off. I headed into Indigo City for the organisation and we decided to head out to Fraser’s Dad’s place to start filming. I managed to stay there for about half an hour before I started to feel a driving need to sleep and drove home.
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Things I Love Thursday

The 48 hours film competition is this weekend. I am a little (heaps) anxious about it, but at the same time I’m looking forward to it a lot. It’s awesome to see your friends come together and make something amazing in a weekend. It’s awesome sharing food and looking out for each other. I love taking photos and looking back on them later, and I love that we get a film out of it. Outstanding.

Gaming. I got to be Hamlet on Saturday night (and I think I did okay at it), on Monday I played in Gotham High as Babs Gordon, then on Tuesday night I started a new superhero roleplaying game run by Dale in which I played a new character called Nate St James and I rather like him. I’m very keen to play again in fact, but I have to wait.

My new Modcloth swimsuit arrived, and it is adorable. The cutest swimsuit in the world. I want to immediately go to hot places where I can swim and pose by the pool or the waves in it.

Honourable Mentions: Tumblr continues to impress me, patchwork for relaxation, making neat stuff, I went shopping with my sister and niece on the weekend, it’s lovely having them back in the country and accessible. Sleeps, I want sleeps now, friends who bring me chocolate sundaes, playing with my wreck this journal, new unicorns from Tokidoki and aloe vera tissues.


On Saturday night I played Hamlet in the LARP version of the play. I was very excited and somewhat apprehensive about embodying my favourite ever Shakespearean character and doing him justice. Turns out I got too far into the role, because I’ve spent the last two nights unable to sleep as I go through all the things I did wrong, worked out what I should have done and how I should have spoken and generally over-thought things.

The Shifting Forest Storyworks game is set at a dramatic point in the play, a flashpoint moment where things could go any way. Hamlet has recently killed Polonius (thinking he’s the King) and hasn’t told anyone where the body is, Claudius is sending Hamlet to England, Laertes is returning from France, pissed off about the death of Polonius, Hamlet has already failed to kill Claudius a couple of times and has revealed to his mother that he’s been visited by the Ghost of his dead father and told her off.

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