I’ve been buying plants and then putting them into my house.

Trees! Olive on the left and Photinia Red Robin on the right.

Got a weeny cactus! Plus remote, Lego footballer, easter bunny thingie and Xbox controller. Awww, weeny cactus.

Lucky bamboo! I love how spirally it is. Next to it is my little spikey succulent thingie.

It’s a Haworthia. So spikey.

…and finally the Bird of Paradise plant I got over Easter, it’s all small and squat and cute. Next to it you can see my birthday basil and tomato plant from Karen, still going relatively strong.


5 thoughts on “Plants

  1. Your rees are so pretty, and I love the juxtaposition of short spiral succulent and tall spiral bamboo!

    And yay for a successful birthday present!<3 My outside tomato plants are dead and I'm onto a very wind battered next generation of basil!

  2. love your plants… I don’t have plants, mostly cause when going to gardening stores they all hide away where I can’t see them due t knowing that I am the grim reaper of plants. taking them home with me means they soon will be off to the afterlife of plants!

  3. My tomato plant is trying to die off, but I gave it some fertiliser and it’s decided to hold on a while longer.

    Lee moved the Lucky Bamboo last night, since we project our TV onto that wall and it was in the way.

    Brooklynne: I used to kill plants regularly, it’s only in the last couple of years I’ve been able to keep them alive.

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