Things I Love Thursday

Best thing this week would have to be the (possible) reappearance of my writing mojo, without the overwhelming feeling that there’s no point. I have done over 1000 words (typing up and writing new) on a long story of mine since Tuesday night. Nice one.

Hamlet. I’m going to be Hamlet in a LARP on Saturday week. I am taking this quite seriously, considering I’ve loved the play since I was 16 and I read it for pleasure sometimes. I figure I’m never going to play him on stage so this is an excellent opportunity for me to get into the role. Just have to get the perfect outfit…Most of which I have booked at Costume Cave.

Urban Numina. We had a read through rehearsal last Sunday and the cast are all really fun, easy to get along with people. We start filming on Saturday, which I’m a little nervous about (since I have to learn my lines) but I’m confident that it will be a good fun shoot. Plus, yay for new friends!

Honourable Mentions: Wearable planters, yes. The Doctor, returning DVDs to the video shop before I have to, rewatching The Princess Diaries, my new plants, Tumblr, Lee waking me up in the night to tell me he’d found my duvet and was going to take it back to the lab, high tea at Martha’s Pantry, my Giffy, the lovely Ellen, Day of Games this weekend and people who are nice.

Girl with One Eye is not the nicest song in the world, but I freaking love it. Not just because it’s so perfect for my Monster of the Week character either.

The Very Potter Musical guys just released their newest show online “Starship” and I’m about two thirds of the way through watching it. It’s set on an alien planet where an alien insect called Bug just wants to be a (human) Starship Ranger. It’s quite adorable. I recommend you watch it if you have the time and bandwidth. (Note, pretty much safe for kids, although maybe a bit scary…)


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Just watched Le Concert, man that’s a feel good/emotional movie.

    One of my favourite bits: gypsy vs concert violinist.

  2. TiLT
    – friends rediscovering their creativitiy
    – dinner with adult conversation
    – new craft books
    – when Sweets gets out the ukulele for us to jam together
    – nom afternoon tea with my St End
    – My beloved

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