Urban Numina filming Day 1

went really well, actually. I messed up a bunch of my lines, but hopefully it was in hilarious blooper-reel worthy ways. Plus we got to film scenes as if we were sock puppets, cast of Dynasty and vampires…which was definitely hilarious.

Plus Michael ran up and down the balcony in his underwear and rolled around in the puddles…

Filming with a minimum of set up meant that we got heaps done very fast. Everyone was able to pitch in at some point, using the clapper board (“Do you want the clap?” as Josh put it), holding a boom mike, pressing record on the laptop, it was all very communal. For lighting we just used the ambient light in the room and the electric lights and from what I’ve seen of the footage it looks fine.

Quite looking forward to next week, filming episode two and seeing people’s reactions to the first ep!

Want to know more?
This is the main Urban Numina page.
Here’s the main Urban Numina Twitter feed.
Character Twitter feeds (with interesting prologue stuff happening….) Devon, Andrea, Mel and Jenna.
I have started a Tumblr for Urban Numina photos, it’s here.


3 thoughts on “Urban Numina filming Day 1

  1. Yes, as naked men go, he’s definitely on the eye-candy end of the scale. And also, a very decent human being and fun to be around.

    (Just so he doesn’t feel objectified.)

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