Day of Games 2011

I missed the first round, because I was filming for Urban Numina, but I was there for second and third rounds indeed.

Second round: a game of Monster of the Week run by the creator/my brother Mike. As if I haven’t played enough of this game!

My character was a Mundane/ordinary human called PJ, and had a romantic entanglement with Ellen’s character Malin, a Spooky. I was best bro’s with Nick’s character Felix, a fire elemental (and it became clear as the game went on it was a teenage Abed and Troy type relationship), there was also Lucas, an Initiate and Sally, a Flake both of whom I liked.

The mystery team drove to New Plymouth in my van, painted up for the band I used to be in “The Unicorn and the Wasp” and started investigating a spontaneous combustion and a case of a guy torn apart by dogs in the middle of the town. It became obvious early on that PJ was very much a Xander type character, cheerful, silly, likes everyone and gets bonuses for being captured by the monster. This was a fun character to play once I realised that.

It was a great group, I especially liked riffing with Nick’s Felix. There was one moment where I called Lucas to tell him something I’d accidentally found out, and Felix asked Lucas who it was. Then he had to say hi to me, and I told Lucas to say hi back and Lucas is like “Get to the point!”

Plus some good stuff with Ellen’s Malin who was keeping me at a distance even though we were together, and the bit where Sally was transformed into a fox. So cute! Anyway, it was a good quick mystery and an excellent group to play with. I had a great time.

Third round: Fiasco: Toil and Trouble set.

We decided very early (due to James’ drunken insistence) that it would be a Harry Potter slashfic inspired game. James and I played Rainbow and Eclipse Lovegood, Hufflepuff sons of Luna Lovegood and either Draco Malfoy or Neville Longbottom (she wasn’t sure which). We had a flying car. Rainbow was in love with Professor Snape (daughter of Severus), who was the teacher of Wand Mastery. He’d slipped her a love potion, which would have worked out well if she was able to tell Rainbow and Eclipse apart. Eclipse’s best friend was Ivy Weasley, a Weasley so mean and smart she’d been sorted into Slytherin.

It all went downhill from there. Snape kept trying to make out, or be in private with Eclipse, even when Eclipse was insisting that he wasn’t Rainbow. Ivy had a week she couldn’t remember. The Dark Lord Albus Severus Potterus Secundis was rising, and both Snape and Ivy had black lightning bolt tattoos. Sventlana the moving Silver Fern, a popular make-out spot for the Lovegoods turned out to be a meeting ground for the worshippers of the Dark Lord…

Perhaps in reaction to James’s drunk Rainbow, and all the terrible wand puns, Eclipse’s story went quite dark. In love with his best friend, Ivy, Eclipse revealed his own tattoo and asked her to join the Dark Lord. Ivy refused, suggesting instead that they run away together. “You said all this last week. Obliviate.” was my response. Rainbow was also coerced into joining, with Snape promising this is the way they can be together.

In the end, Ivy and Eclipse had a kind of happy ever after that wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. Rainbow had a very bad ending, becoming the ‘chosen vessel’ of the Dark Lord Potterus, and Snape was fired from Hogwarts.

“Huff. Puff. Blow your house down.”


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