Fall 218 – ‘Waning patients’

There was some discussion on how the viral demon infection could possibly work and what to do about it.

The gang head to the Magic shop to talk to Carmen. Alex takes the lead and Darius tries to hide behind Calvin, since he’s seen Jacinta is in the store also and he’s too scared to face up to her. Calvin and Darius have a conversation about this culminating in Calvin striding across the store to inspect unicorn statues, leaving Darius with nothing to hide behind. He still doesn’t say anything and the gang leaves the store. Carmen doesn’t know heaps about this kind of thing.

Darius does the Find Named spell on the name they’ve discovered for the virus/demon thing: The Waning. The results of the spell indicate that the disease is all over town and infecting lots of the people. There’s a concentration of it in the centre of town, around where Megan lives and the affected seem to spiral out from there.

They visit Haruni in case he can give them any advice and he talks about moving through dimensions and how this thing is probably anchored somewhere. If there’s an anchor then it can be broken. He also offers them drinks and stuff but they decline. They bring him a weedeater from Darius’s shed. Haruni says that if they could talk to the demon/virus then they could understand it and get rid of it.

On their way back into town there is a plot twist! (Norm spent a drama point) The gang see a woman on top of a building, about to jump. Since they know that the Waning causes people to commit suicide the gang go to help her. Calvin leads the way, trying to talk to her in a calm and reasonable way while Darius does the “Repeat After Me” spell so that the Wasting can talk to them.

Calvin manages to distract the woman for long enough and the spell kicks in, allowing communication with the demonic infection itself. It revealed that it was brought through from another dimension and it was being exploited. All the despair and fear, etc it was harvesting from people was being drained off at the source. The thing couldn’t give any directions, since it was inside people’s heads, so it was a bit frustrating.

The gang saves the woman, moving her into the building and securing her inside so the police would find her. Then they head back to Darius’s for some kind of ‘track magic source’ spell. The spell Darius finds requires a Gulk demon grub, which they are able to procure through Honest Sam.

Alex sneaks into Megan’s house, using a spare key she knows the location of, and takes the wad of cash her computer sent her. They use some of that cash to pay Honest Sam, and then they’re ready to follow the path to the source of all the despair.

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