Things I Love Thursday

Ridiculous over the top and hilarious teaser trailer for Urban Numina:

…and now the real one. Watch for the skeezy expression from me…(eyebrow raise, duckface/blue steel)

Episode one out on Saturday! Filming was super fun, and I’m looking forward to filming the second ep on Saturday.

I’m enjoying working out on the exercycle I liberated from Giffy’s house. I’ve been doing 10-20ish minutes while watching Gilmore Girls right after I get home from work. It means I’m all primed for dinner and I’m doing exercise without having to go out in the cold cold air and rain.

Planning for the 48 hour film competition, which is not this weekend but the weekend after. My writing team has been communicating, I’m mentally preparing myself. Should be awesome…I hope.

Honourable Mentions: Roleplaying, making up new characters, reading ridiculous fan stuff on Tumblr, Roast’n’Salad, tasty soda drinks, lunch at Hede and lunch at Joe’s Garage (very different, but equally delicious), new Lego minifigs, ordering the cutest swimsuit in the world from Modcloth and them shipping it the next day, thinking about going back to Fiji, playing ridiculous games online or on Lee’s phone, playing EPUC, reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time and loving it, Easter eggs and photos of people I love.

OMG and this cat.


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