Things I Love Thursday

The 48 hours film competition is this weekend. I am a little (heaps) anxious about it, but at the same time I’m looking forward to it a lot. It’s awesome to see your friends come together and make something amazing in a weekend. It’s awesome sharing food and looking out for each other. I love taking photos and looking back on them later, and I love that we get a film out of it. Outstanding.

Gaming. I got to be Hamlet on Saturday night (and I think I did okay at it), on Monday I played in Gotham High as Babs Gordon, then on Tuesday night I started a new superhero roleplaying game run by Dale in which I played a new character called Nate St James and I rather like him. I’m very keen to play again in fact, but I have to wait.

My new Modcloth swimsuit arrived, and it is adorable. The cutest swimsuit in the world. I want to immediately go to hot places where I can swim and pose by the pool or the waves in it.

Honourable Mentions: Tumblr continues to impress me, patchwork for relaxation, making neat stuff, I went shopping with my sister and niece on the weekend, it’s lovely having them back in the country and accessible. Sleeps, I want sleeps now, friends who bring me chocolate sundaes, playing with my wreck this journal, new unicorns from Tokidoki and aloe vera tissues.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TILT:
    -Dancing boys!
    -Pies, raspberry buns and sparkling duet in the playground for lunch!
    -Captain Jack Sparrow
    -Roleplaying with boys!
    -J being (justifiably) proud of his school achievements and great at maths!
    -Cosy fire and cosy slippers!
    -Assignment submitted and anticipating Dr Who!
    -My lovely friends and modern comms

    Ooops… epic today!

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