Fall 219 – “Boiler”

Darius, Alex and Calvin are wrangling the Gulk demon grub, get it into Nebby’s old carry cage where it exudes mucus.
They do research for demon banishing, etc. Calvin tries to help but has picked up a D&D manual again. Alex and Darius between them find something useful and they head off in Kermit.

They get a tarp for under the cage, drive through town. The Grub orients itself towards the suffering and despair. They find the source at an old building recently converted into offices. Alex suggests they get on the roof, since it might be easier to break in from up there. While trying to find a way up the building Darius climbs up on an old coal chute, both Calvin and Alex realise that’s an easier way in.

Calvin offers to go first, and they send the Grub cage down to him. He catches it but there’s a mucus inertia problem and he gets slimed down the front of his shirt. The others follow with little fuss and they investigate the basement. The Grub has calmed down, seems very relaxed. They let it out of the cage and it immediately buries itself.

Alex hears a wind-like sound and follows it to an extra dark corner of the basement, they throw a torch into it and there’s no sound. Figuring what the Hell, they all go into the blackness and find themselves outside, in daylight in a weird perfect looking suburban world. Darius investigates behind them, trying to find a portal, there is none. Calvin approaches a man over the road who is mowing his lawn and asks him where they are, he seems confused and unable to think, eventually running back into his house. Alex goes to knock on the door of the closest house, Darius and Calvin behind her.

Inside Cassie is hears a knock on the door, and she runs to answer it, seeing Alex et al. The machine that was her mother sees that the script is broken and pulls out a gun. Outside black cars tear around the corner, also with guns firing. The gang hustles inside and and super fast, Cassie disables the mother-bot and everyone takes cover. Alex and the others are somewhat surprised that Cassie moved before she did. Darius and Calvin head towards the door to downstairs, Cassie shouts out “don’t go in the basement” and they all take that as a sign that what they’re after is down there.

The house is being peppered with bullets from outside, so everyone command-crawls to the stairs and down to the basement, which is basically a room for torturing people with a blood stained table, tools and a big furnace. There is also a large shadowy figure who is quickly taken care of, Alex opens the furnace and finds a red jewel inside it. She crowbars it out, takes it in her hand and smashes it on the ground.

The world bends and folds in on itself and the gang find themselves crawling out of the furnace back in the real world, Cassie in tow. It’s pitch black in the basement so they leave quickly so Cassie doesn’t freak out. Outside Calvin realises that his shirt is ruined with demon slime, soot and misc other things so takes it off and finds another one in the back of his car.

They drive to Bohemian Like Me for dinner, Alex and Cassie becoming fast friends talking over everything and bonding over the slayer thing. At dinner, having established that Alex takes her friends on hunts, Cassie asks some questions.
Cassie: Don’t you ever feel…slowed down?
Darius and Calvin look at Alex.
Alex:…no. NO! No no no. Couldn’t do it without them.

After eating, Alex and Cassie walk out together to go hunting, Calvin, conflicted wonders if he should go with them even though they didn’t ask. Darius tells Calvin to stay, and Calvin listens. They talk about how weird it is and how two girls going off together to fight things was actually kind of hot.

Cassie and Alex beat up a vampire for information on vampire nests and get a lead. Together they bust up a bloodhouse, Cassie doesn’t take much notice of innocent people and whether they get hurt and Alex is on too much of a high to care much. They work together well and head back to Alex’s house around dawn. Alex admits to Cassie that it is sometimes very hard to have her friends along and mentions this one time with these hellhounds.

Calvin and Darius head back to Calvin’s where they play Halo and watch the movie channel until they both fall asleep. They wake up slightly snuggled together and are embarrassed. Martha is up and about and Calvin mentions to Darius about their missing parents and whether he’d do that location spell. Martha has a picture of two boys on the couch together as her desk top background.

Alex’s mother is nice to Cassie over breakfast, which freaks Cassie out somewhat. She locks herself in the bathroom. Alex goes to have a long shower and texts Calvin: what happened to you last night?
Calvin replies: Nothing at all.
Alex: Bummer. We had an awesome night.

When Alex comes back Cassie has gone, but there’s a note about leaving town and her cellphone number. Alex gets in touch and asks where she’s going. The episode ends with Alex telling her mother she has to go out of town for a while on slayer business and leaving Fall River with Cassie in a stolen car.

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One thought on “Fall 219 – “Boiler”

  1. Thanks for having me along for the session, I enjoyed myself. Interested to see how things are when Alex gets back to town.

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