Things I Love Thursday

sunrise, Saturday morning

The 48 hours film comp. Our heat was last night, so we got to see Ants and Kerina strut their stuff on the big screen and get a round of applause from the audience. Dan Slevin gave us a nice shout out about how we’re always in the competition and it’s always nice to see us, so that was lovely. It’s hard to tell if people enjoy drama films, but the round of applause did seem warm and long, so that’s something. It was a pretty strong heat, the quality of films goes up every year.

❤ I know I keep going on about this, but I really love my Wreck This Journal. I have been putting up pictures of my progress on my Tumblr and connecting with other people the world over who are doing it too. It’s neat to see how differently people interpret the pages. Check it out.(Also I gifted a Wreck This Journal this week and it was indeed well received.)

Glee. I’ve been trying to catch up and I just watched the Prom episode. It’s all lovely and cute and cheery. Makes me happy.

I. Love. Unicorns.

❤ I'm not religious, but I grew up watching the 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar and singing along. This song, Gethsemane, sung by Ted Neely still gives me chills.

And if you enjoyed that, compare with him performing the same song on stage in 2006, a much older man, but perhaps a more powerful delivery for that.

Honourable Mentions: Watching Gilmore Girls when you feel crap, warm bed, cookies, my awesome friends, popcorn, taking photos, sewing, making colours, candy, chocolate and roast’n’salad.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I never got to use my “wreck this journal” cause it was stolen from my mail box 😦 but soon I expect I will have to order a new one…

    Glee is great! I just watched the season finale and it was lovely!!!

  2. Loved looking at the pictures of your Wreck this Journal and the other interpretations!

    This and thinking of Friday themes makes me want to do something like that again (after exams maybe… anyone want to play?)

  3. Yes please Karen! Friday themes were awesome fun!

    and I will be adding more Wreck This Journal pics, because I am addicted to doing it 🙂

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