Things I Love Thursday

Going on holiday! Okay, so it’s just for a long weekend, but I get to catch up with a whole lot of friends and go to the nice Dress Mart and see the DINOSAURS and go to Tanuki’s and stay in a hotel. Awesome.

The hilarious origin of Do Not Want!

Superheroes! The Reverie roleplaying game Dale is running, for example. I love playing a character where someone is like “I’m gonna slam him against the wall” and I’m like “yeah…I will allow this to happen, for now.” Also been reading lots of awesome superhero comics (Like new Batman and Robin, and 52) and looking at superhero fan art online. Is awesome.

Dr Who. I am caught up on all the New Who now, officially. My favourite ever is The Master, especially in End of Time where he’s all batshit crazy zombie master. Love. Best eps? The one with Giles and the gargoyles, Family of Blood ones, End of Time (duh), NOT SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY IT WAS TOO TOO SAD.

Honourable Mentions: Jelly beans, being Christmas with Ellen, new geek stuff (sonic screwdriver and Slytherin T shirt), new True Blood (swoon), lovely lovely friends which I have, being obsessed with songs, chocolate, marshmallows, getting ID-ed on the way into a bar and making the bouncer laugh with how old I am.

A black and white skunk fails to descend the stairs, and then succeeds!

A black and white cat demonstrates the correct way to descend a staircase:

Fall – 222 “Stop the world, I want to get off”

The gang arrive at Darius’s house, Alex heads straight into the magic library without speaking to anyone. Calvin gives the jar of sand to Darius.
D: What’s this?
C: Haruni’s sword.
D: It’s a jar of sand…
C: It’s his sword, he threw it to us, like we could use it. I couldn’t get it open though
Darius twists the top and it comes open immediately.
C: magic thing.

Darius puts down a sheet of newspaper and then pours a little sand out onto it. It forms weird runes. He starts looking up the dialect and translating Haruni’s message.

Alex asks Calvin about that military supply store guy in town and they head out together to arm up. As they approach the shop keeper is throwing someone out for not appreciating guns enough. Calvin talks to the shop guy, who remembers him and asks how things went. Calvin says they went well, but he kinda has need for the ‘back room’ stuff this time.
Storekeeper: keep your voice down, the feds are watching.
Calvin checks for feds: right.
Storekeeper eyes Alex: Who’s she?
C: She’s all right
Storekeeper: well, if you vouch for her…
C: yeah, I do.

The storekeeper ushers them through to the back room, which Daniel described as being like the one in The Boondock Saints:

Except it was Alex and Calvin, and Calvin got grenades, not rope. The storekeeper asked if the grenades were for fishing or Russians.
Calvin: …fishing.
Alex gets a bad ass bowie knife and Calvin gets a pump action shot gun.
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Things I Love Thursday

Going on planes. Seriously. It’s magical. You board in one city and arrive in another. It’s awesome. Plus Air New Zealand staff are really friendly and they give you a snack.

Hotels. What is it about hotel rooms that makes me so happy? It’s like a wee mini house to live in while you’re on holiday. And someone else cleans everything for you. I like the clean sheets, the TV in the bedroom, the TV movie channel, hotel baths, little bottles of bathroom supplies…just everything.

New hair! Related: lovely friends with useful skills that they are willing to exercise right on your head. (Hmmm, that sounds rather wrong. You know what I mean) My friends are great. I love my shiny yellow blonde streaks, is what I’m saying.

Brooklynne, the lovely lady who gave me my awesome new hair (so to speak) has started her own Things I Love Thursday! Go read.

Baby NPH is the absolute cutest!

Honourable Mentions: A Doctor World, playing Rock Band and nailing the harmonies, hot chocolate from Scopa, cosplaying Kurt Cobain without even meaning to, the way my hood keeps rain off my hair, hugs from friends, my new Monster High doll, Jake Gyllenhaal especially in this video, Rewatching True Blood season 3 very quickly so as to be ready for season 4 on Monday, steak night, getting towards the end of my wreck this journal, exercycing and ice cream.

Search terms fun times

Some strange and random things that people have found my blog with, by searching on Google.

little fluffy rabbits who just don’t want to live any more

Sounds like someone is having trouble with plushie toys turning suicidal. I hope some of my content was pleasing to the rabbits, and made them think that life is worth living.

dingo as a pet

I think this is because of all of the squeeing I did over Wulfric, the dingo I met at the zoo.

androgynous girl holding wolf

This will be because of that photo survey I did recenly of androgynous girls holding wildlife, I guess.

leonard cohen banana

I’m hoping they mean that picture of him on the cover of I’m Your Man where he is holding a banana. And nothing rude. because Leonard Cohen…he’s mine.

robot love disco dance artwork

Who wouldn’t want to see this? Bring me your robot love disco dance artwork immediately!

asswoman catwoman

Battle of the century, Asswoman vs Catwoman! Seriously though, I’ve read a lot of DC titles and a lot of Catwoman stories but I don’t ever remember seeing Asswoman.

larp cheating on girlfriend

I didn’t know larps could have girlfriends. Harsh that they cheat though, that sucks. I hope none of the larps I write are unfaithful.

the film i’ve seen lately

I really love the idea of Googling this. Like, what was that film I saw lately? I’ll check the net, it’s bound to have the answer. Oh right, X-Men: First class. Yeah, it was pretty good. Thanks interwebs!

Sunset Road

Here’s the movie we made for this year’s V 48hours film competition: Sunset Road.

Our genre was Road Movie.

Mandatory elements:
Character: Bobby Young, an ex bully
Prop: Bent bit of wire
Line: What have you got?
Film: Freeze frame ending

I headed up the writing team with Hannah and Dale. I’d love to know what you thought of it…