Fall 220 – “But I’m a Superhero”

Megan is at home, ‘talking’ to her computer. She asks it where it is directly, and although it says it’s not sure why she needs this information, it gives her an address in Boston. At school Megan gives Calvin a big pile of cash. In front of everyone at school in the lunch room, this starts up a whole lot of rumours about Megan having decided to keep Calvin’s baby. Megan, determined to make things right, divvies up the money in her bank account between Calvin’s account, Darius’s and the estate of Jim Lock.

Alex’s Dad bails her out of prison in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. They have a serious talk.
Alex: I don’t really know what I was thinking. We were kind of taking the slaying on the road. It sounds really stupid when I say it like that.
They fly back into Fall River late that evening.

Alex arrives at school and is immediately confronted by Savannah.
Savannah: So sorry to hear about you and Calvin. I mean, I don’t really listen to rumours but…I’m so sorry.
Alex, unsure what this means keeps going.

Calvin and Megan are in homeroom, Megan is asking if he has heard anything from Alex and he shakes his head. He is clearly hungover and looks tired and unshaven. He rests his head on his arms and Megan pats his shoulder, consolingly.
Calvin: You know, that’s probably not helping with the rumours.

Alex goes to homeroom and goes and sits in the back, avoiding eye contact with Megan. Calvin is feeling too crap to notice. Once homeroom is dismissed Megan stands up and sees Alex, she goes directly over to her and starts asking questions. Alex is evasive, catching Calvin’s eye, he has appeared behind Megan and is looking intensely at Alex.

Calvin: How long have you been back in town?
Alex: Got back in late last night. So, is there anything you want to say?
C: Yeah. There’s a lot I want to say. But school’s probably not the place. Is there anything you want to say to me?
They leave school and head for St Mary’s Cemetery for a big deep talk.

Alex talks about why she left and what they did, about how much she liked being able to fight with Cassie and not worry about anyone. Calvin tells her how much it sucked sitting around worrying about her and not knowing what was going on. He also points out that the last time one of the group left town to hang out with a supernatural creature it didn’t turn out too well. Alex assured him that Cassie is definitely a slayer and not some demon or alternate dimension thing. Calvin says he didn’t feel like himself, that it wasn’t what he does to sit at home and worry. Alex apologises, but is hunched and closed in. She tells Calvin that she may have killed a man, a human, by accident during a fight, and that’s why she was arrested. Cassie bailed on her, and left town. The police didn’t really think she did it, since she’s a small girl. Calvin puts his arms around her to offer comfort but she remains tense and doesn’t reciprocate.

Alex mentions what she heard about Megan and Calvin, Calvin asks her if she really believes it and she shakes her head. He explains about the money and how her disappearing and what happened at the Spring Fling all kind of fed into it.

They are chased off by a cemetery worker who is sick of kids smashing the gravestones. Not much is resolved between Calvin and Alex. Alex avoids Calvin and Megan for the rest of the day and heads home to have dinner with her family. She has a talk with both of her parents and goes out patrolling.

Calvin spends the evening being grumpy at Martha, not mentioning what’s really bothering him, but complaining about everything. After 45 minutes of this, she gives him a quick hug and then bails to her study.

Megan cleans up the basement at her house and begins building something, using the plans from Howard’s notebooks to create a weapon that would take down an AI supercomputer.

Alex goes to Lizzie Borden’s house and calls for the ghost. They talk about accidentally killing people and how much it sucks. Lizzie’s suggestion is to not get caught, and she relates her story of how her Watchers went back to England when Lizzie was accused of killing her parents.
Alex: They left you to hang?
Lizzie: Literally, yes. Not that I’m bitter or anything. These people around you have replaced the Watchers, but in the end, it’s not about them. It’s about you. You can’t feel bad if people can’t relate to you, because you’re not like them.
Alex talks about how awful she feels, and Lizzie asks how many vampires Alex has killed. Alex replies with a vague ‘a few’.
Lizzie: And how many innocent people would those vampires have killed?
Alex: A lot, I guess.
Lizzie: There’s your solace.

Calvin sees a TV news report about a police station that was burned don in Honesdale, Penn. They are saying it was an unprovoked gang attack.

In the morning Calvin knocks on Alex’s door and offers to drive her to school. Alex is somewhat surprised, but accepts. Calvin has bought coffee and bagels and keeps up a cheerful stream of small talk during the drive. Alex eats one bagel very slowly and gives short answers.

Megan arrives at school to Savannah’s compassionate pity.
S: I’m so sorry about you and Calvin.
Megan: Me and Calvin?
S: Oh, you mean you haven’t heard? (runs off)

During the school day, Calvin sticks to Alex’s side. Accompanying her between classes and insisting that they all meet up after school to work out what to do about Claudia and the Ascension. At Calvin’s place after school, Megan tries to find some kind of identikit-maker programme and the one from the police station comes up very quickly. Realising that this means the AI is helping again Alex stalks out in disgust. It’s a beautifully sunny day outside, and Alex is itching for the darkness to fall so she can go hunting. Calvin goes out to check on Alex and she complains about the AI some. Calvin mentions that Megan has an address for it, so they could go and do something but Alex is sure it will be waiting for them.

Megan and Calvin manage to put together a likeness for Claudia using the programme and she sets it up to cross reference security footage stored by the FBI so they can try and get a location for Claudia. Calvin comes downstairs and finds Alex in the kitchen. They have a stilted conversation and Calvin asks if they’re going patrolling that night, he gets the details of what time, where to meet, etc out of a reluctant Alex and she heads home.

Calvin goes back upstairs and talks with Megan about how grumpy Alex is. Megan asks about Cassie.
Calvin: She was faster than Alex. It looked like Alex would get angry with her, but then they were best friends.

At patrol that night Alex is super fast and aggressive, getting up in the vampires faces and taking care of business. Calvin, completely redundant, doesn’t even swing his axe.

In the early hours of the morning Alex goes in through the window of Calvin’s room and wakes him up. He is confused.
Alex: I need to break up with you.
Calvin: Why?
A: Lots of reasons. But, I just can’t be with you any more. I can’t look out for you. And because I cheated on you, and you deserve better than that.
Calvin, stunned, searches for something to say. Alex dives out the window and is gone.

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