Things I Love Thursday

Time is flashing by at the moment. Seriously, my days are blurring together like crazy. I always feel this way in Autumn and Spring, I suspect because they’re “in between” seasons. Hopefully with Winter starting I’ll be able to feel like I can relax. So, what in this last week has made me feel all warm and glowey inside?

Wreck This Journal! I think I’m addicted. I keep on checking the tag on Tumblr. I’ve been making posts about my one most days and I have a need to do things to it all the time. I’ve been carrying it around with me. I stopped in the street the other day and collected fallen leaves to paste in. I’ve been adding more four letter words, and putting my favourite songs lyrics on blank pages, and and and. OK, I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing about it, so I shall do a competition. If you want to win your very own Wreck This Journal, with a note in it from me (or a wrecked page maybe..) then leave a comment on this blog post. Mention something you’d do to wreck a journal artistically and I will select my favourite answer. Comment to win!

Patchwork. I made another patchwork wristlet for my mum, I’ve been making tiny quilts for use in doll houses which was awesome fun, and I am eagerly anticipating my latest order from Spoonflower so I can continue making my science fiction quilt.

Honourable Mentions: Watching Gilmore Girls because it’s adorable, yummy hot food, wearing my hair in weeny little braids, texts from friends, being honest with people, fries, drinking with people on Saturday, making new friends and my trackpants.

Captain Jack Harkness.

Adele, Rolling in the Deep. A seriously epic song, a beautiful, talented singer and an awesome, weird video.

…And the new world record for lipdub music videos, the whole town of Grand Rapids collaborated for this epic 9 minute single take version of American Pie. I always get a little overwhelmed with these things, everyone working together for such a fun cause. Loved it. Also watch for the line “as the flames climbed high into the night”.


13 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I would take one to Improvention with me and get all of the amazing improvisors there to help me destroy it 😀 I’m pretty sure I’ll do that regardless of whether you want to give me one or not!

  2. I’d take it to Europe so my nephews can help me wreak it and then take photos of it in famous and/or weird places.

  3. I would copy all the pages onto fabric then wreck them in various ways then turn those pages into and art quilt of some sort… I’m pretty sure this all requires me to do awesome machine embroidery!

  4. Fries win the prize! Also, Adele’s whole album is pretty nifty – have the cd if you want to borrow:)

  5. I meant to do my own TiLT this morning, but forget what I wanted to say, except that Sweets is so great right now.

    If I had a Wreck This Journal, I’d take it to playcentre and go mad with all the kidlings. Sweets is now actually painting and not just eating paint. Finally 😉

  6. I would most likely attack it with scissors and paints to start off with – to relive my childhood obsession with both of those items, give it to my niece and nephew to decorate anyway they want – they like to be creative. And ask random people to add to it, be it friends, work collegues, relatives, minor acquaintances or the odd stranger.

  7. Oh, I might send mine to various friends around NZ and the world to help me wreck. eg Roogle, tiapia? Sisterhood of the travelling journal anyone?

  8. I would go to all the emo kids I could find and collect their tears (they often cry when I laugh at them) until I have enough to mix with some cement, making the journal a solid block.

    I could then use that block to batter religious evangelists to an inch of their lives and then take the bloody broken messy journal back to those emo kids and rub their faces in it.

    Two birds, one stone journal.

  9. Lots of great ideas here, guys, and one very violent one. Keep ’em coming, I’ll make my decision over the weekend.

  10. Not as cool as the others (and I totally missed the deadline) but I think I would build it into our family routines like special movie night and dance night and use it to keep us strong and sane through the winter 🙂

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