Fall – 221 “Apocalypso dancing”

Darius knocks on Calvin’s door, Calvin lets him in looking decidedly unkempt and seedy.
Darius: Are you drunk?
Calvin: What do you care?

Darius goes his made-up spell to locate Calvin’s parents, there is no result for Eurpope. He tries again with a world map and there’s no result. Darius tries to use it to find Megan and it brings up a little glowing dot where she is and then sets the map on fire. Calvin is somewhat belligerent.

Alex gives Honest Sam a call, talks to him about Ascension. Then she goes onto the Slayer forums and posts there, asking about it, saying it might be happening and asking for help. She leaves her cellphone number on there. Megan and Alex arrange to meet at Darius’s, and text Calvin and Darius. Calvin has a shower.

Outside Darius’s Alex paces back and forth, very tense. Megan arrives, retrieves the spare key and lets them both in. She makes herself at home, making tea in the kitchen. She shows Alex the EMP gun thing she made to take down the AI.
Megan: I made this.
Alex: Good for you.
Megan: Oh yeah, you wouldn’t know what it does.

Calvin and Darius appear, Alex avoids looking at Calvin entirely and heads to the library to start researching. Megan asks Darius what’s up and Darius tells her they broke up. Megan notices that Calvin is lurking behind Darius at this point and says hi. Darius helps Alex research and Calvin makes himself coffee.

Alex gets a call from Henrietta Calendar about ascension, confirms that the despair sucking spell thing would have created enough power to recreate the Gavrock Box thing that the Ascension spell calls for. Megan bumps into Darius in the hallway.
Megan: Why did he dump her?
Darius: I don’t know! I had to find out about it on bloody facebook!

Calvin, finding Alex alone in the library stands in the door.
C: So this is how it’s going to be now? You’re just going to pretend I don’t exist?
A: Look. I’m sorry you’ve got hurt feelings but there’s a world to save.
She picks up another book and sticks her head into it. Calvin turns and heads out to the backyard. Megan pushes past him, avoiding eye contact like she’s mad at him.

Darius finds Calvin outside staring into the emo middle distance, one arm around Nebby, who is leaning against him. Darius says that Calvin is taking this hard and Calvin nods. His eyes look red and a bit watery.
D: You’re really taking this hard, aren’t you. What happened?
C: She dumped me.
D: Why?
C: Because I’m not good enough, she said she’s sick of worrying all the time.
D: Oh my god. You’re so fucking arrogant. You really think you can compare with a slayer?
C: No.
D: Well, you clearly do.
C: The second someone who could keep up with her showed up she took off. Left town. Didn’t say a word.
D: She came back.
C: Only because she got arrested and her Dad had to go and collect her.
D: Oh…
C: And, she cheated on me. Which I don’t really care about, but she didn’t really give me a chance to say anything.

Inside Megan and Alex talk.
M: You’re taking this very well.
A: I broke up with him.
M: What? How could you do that? He loves you!
A: I cheated on him. That’s how much I care.
M: What is wrong with you? You’re pushing us all away again.
A: World to save.
M: Not much use if you’ve got no friends in it.
A: Maybe I wasn’t cut out for friends.

Darius, having imparted some words of wisdom that made Calvin look at things in a different way and I have now forgotten what they are, tells Calvin to think about it and goes back inside. He finds Alex alone in the library.
A: Well, I’ve fucked it all up now, haven’t I?
D: Well, maybe. What’s your side of the story?
A: I dumped him
D: Well, duh. Why?
A: Because I can’t look out for him and I cheated on him.

They talk for a while about how Alex doesn’t think she’s human any more, Darius says she is, that she needs people around her. Alex talks about how the last slayer in this town was left to hang by her watchers and maybe slayers are just better off alone. Her slayerness means she can’t relate to people.
D: You don’t know what it’s like to have no parents. Does that make me more special than you? No. Just different. Calvin might be the only one who can keep you grounded.
A: What if I don’t want to be grounded?
D: Then you become Lizzie Borden.

Megan goes to talk to Calvin. She tells him that it will be okay.
C: No, it’s fine. Everyone leaves, it was just…Alex’s time.
M: That doesn’t happen to you.
C: That is all people do to me.
M: But you’re usually the one cutting things off with girls.
C: Yeah, you ever heard of getting there first?
They sit in silence for a moment.
C: Look, thanks for trying to help, but I don’t think you can.

Alex calls them inside so they can all talk about magic. Alex says she thinks their best course of action is direct: they go to Claudia’s and scout around to find out what she can do. Darius does a locator spell and reveals that she’s still in the same apartment building. The others argue over whether this is the best course of action and start thinking up various spells Darius could try, like making their weapons super effective or putting armoured force fields up or something. While they talk Alex walks out, making her way towards Claudia’s. They catch up with her on the road and she gets into the car.
A: I knew you’d turn up eventually.

At the building Calvin tries ringing various apartments on the intercom and saying ‘hi, it’s me’ until someone buzzes them in. They head up in the lift to Claudia’s floor but when they get to it and the doors open there’s something wrong. Calvin and Megan can get step out no problem but Darius and Alex are completely blocked from even moving towards the door. Darius perceives a magical force field and tries to break it, it backfires and Alex tackles him to the ground as a fireball launches into the elevator.

Calvin and Megan look at each other. Calvin starts walking towards Claudia’s apartment.
Megan: Now you’re as bad as Alex.
Calvin: She knows we’re not a threat. Besides, we came this far.

Calvin picks the lock to her apartment and opens the door. Since the last time the apartment has been redecorated, walls have been removed to give more floorspace and the creepy African statue has grown to over 7 feet tall. It looks at them with a dark malevolence. It stands up and starts stalking slowly towards them with its spear.

Haruni is chained in the centre of a huge mystical circle, it’s outlined in flame and doesn’t look passable. Haruni, seeing them, freaks out a bit, then summons his sword and throws it to Calvin. Calvin catches a sealed jar of sand and looks at it, trying to work out how to use it.
Megan, panicking: Okay now let’s go!
Calvin looks around at the African dude and then at the jar: Yeah, okay.

They retreat.

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