Search terms fun times

Some strange and random things that people have found my blog with, by searching on Google.

little fluffy rabbits who just don’t want to live any more

Sounds like someone is having trouble with plushie toys turning suicidal. I hope some of my content was pleasing to the rabbits, and made them think that life is worth living.

dingo as a pet

I think this is because of all of the squeeing I did over Wulfric, the dingo I met at the zoo.

androgynous girl holding wolf

This will be because of that photo survey I did recenly of androgynous girls holding wildlife, I guess.

leonard cohen banana

I’m hoping they mean that picture of him on the cover of I’m Your Man where he is holding a banana. And nothing rude. because Leonard Cohen…he’s mine.

robot love disco dance artwork

Who wouldn’t want to see this? Bring me your robot love disco dance artwork immediately!

asswoman catwoman

Battle of the century, Asswoman vs Catwoman! Seriously though, I’ve read a lot of DC titles and a lot of Catwoman stories but I don’t ever remember seeing Asswoman.

larp cheating on girlfriend

I didn’t know larps could have girlfriends. Harsh that they cheat though, that sucks. I hope none of the larps I write are unfaithful.

the film i’ve seen lately

I really love the idea of Googling this. Like, what was that film I saw lately? I’ll check the net, it’s bound to have the answer. Oh right, X-Men: First class. Yeah, it was pretty good. Thanks interwebs!


One thought on “Search terms fun times

  1. I just googled “the film i’ve seen lately”. The first result was for The Town. I haven’t seen that yet.

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