Things I Love Thursday

Going on planes. Seriously. It’s magical. You board in one city and arrive in another. It’s awesome. Plus Air New Zealand staff are really friendly and they give you a snack.

Hotels. What is it about hotel rooms that makes me so happy? It’s like a wee mini house to live in while you’re on holiday. And someone else cleans everything for you. I like the clean sheets, the TV in the bedroom, the TV movie channel, hotel baths, little bottles of bathroom supplies…just everything.

New hair! Related: lovely friends with useful skills that they are willing to exercise right on your head. (Hmmm, that sounds rather wrong. You know what I mean) My friends are great. I love my shiny yellow blonde streaks, is what I’m saying.

Brooklynne, the lovely lady who gave me my awesome new hair (so to speak) has started her own Things I Love Thursday! Go read.

Baby NPH is the absolute cutest!

Honourable Mentions: A Doctor World, playing Rock Band and nailing the harmonies, hot chocolate from Scopa, cosplaying Kurt Cobain without even meaning to, the way my hood keeps rain off my hair, hugs from friends, my new Monster High doll, Jake Gyllenhaal especially in this video, Rewatching True Blood season 3 very quickly so as to be ready for season 4 on Monday, steak night, getting towards the end of my wreck this journal, exercycing and ice cream.


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