Fall – 222 “Stop the world, I want to get off”

The gang arrive at Darius’s house, Alex heads straight into the magic library without speaking to anyone. Calvin gives the jar of sand to Darius.
D: What’s this?
C: Haruni’s sword.
D: It’s a jar of sand…
C: It’s his sword, he threw it to us, like we could use it. I couldn’t get it open though
Darius twists the top and it comes open immediately.
C: magic thing.

Darius puts down a sheet of newspaper and then pours a little sand out onto it. It forms weird runes. He starts looking up the dialect and translating Haruni’s message.

Alex asks Calvin about that military supply store guy in town and they head out together to arm up. As they approach the shop keeper is throwing someone out for not appreciating guns enough. Calvin talks to the shop guy, who remembers him and asks how things went. Calvin says they went well, but he kinda has need for the ‘back room’ stuff this time.
Storekeeper: keep your voice down, the feds are watching.
Calvin checks for feds: right.
Storekeeper eyes Alex: Who’s she?
C: She’s all right
Storekeeper: well, if you vouch for her…
C: yeah, I do.

The storekeeper ushers them through to the back room, which Daniel described as being like the one in The Boondock Saints:

Except it was Alex and Calvin, and Calvin got grenades, not rope. The storekeeper asked if the grenades were for fishing or Russians.
Calvin: …fishing.
Alex gets a bad ass bowie knife and Calvin gets a pump action shot gun.

Darius has translated the runes, which change to new lines as he understands them. There was a lot of pre-amble “hello my friends, I am happy to see you. This person has trapped me” etc. But essentially the message is that the sand of his sword can travel through the magical barriers and they can use it to get Alex and Darius into the apartment. Fully armed up, the gang gets into Kermit and drives back to the apartment block. Dark storm clouds are gathering over it, and the power is off in the whole building, meaning they can walk straight in and up the stairs. Alex runs up the stairs, Calvin manages to keep up just. Megan and Darius are a bit slower and they wait for them at the top. Thunder starts rolling outside.

Calvin picks the lock on her apartment door hefting his new pump action shot gun, Alex pushes past and steps into the pitch black room. Calvin hesitates in the doorway. The African-ish statue attacks Alex, both trading blows in the dark. Megan, assuming Calvin has been magically paralysed pushes him out of the way, he falls in between Alex and the statue. Darius squeezes in next to Megan and shines his light into the room, illuminating the statue and allowing Calvin to take a clear shot at it. He hits it in the chest area for a surprising amount of damage and Jenni Calvin immediately becomes addicted to guns.

The statue slashes with its spear thing into Megan and Darius, Alex jump kicks its head and Megan gets it with a blow from her big sword. Calvin shouts “get out of the way!” and shoots again, taking the thing’s head off. It turns 180 degrees and spears the wall. Alex knocks it down and kicks the shit out of it. Calvin stands up and Darius runs into the apartment where he can see Haruni. Darius quickly does the repeat after me spell so he can understand Haruni. Haruni tells them that Claudia has drained his energy and is completing the spell process somewhere exposed to the elements. Darius breaks the binding on Haruni while Alex and Calvin head to the roof.

On the roof is a large blue, levitating, glowing egg shape with Claudia in the middle. There is a protective dome covering the egg and beyond her is an open portal to another world, where they can see asteroids and open space. Alex throws a knife, Calvin shoots, but the projectiles lodge in the protective dome. Calvin pulls the grenade launcher round, but Alex points out that it’ll get stuck.
C: It will still go off though, which should stop her
A: And us.

Darius, Megan and Haruni arrive on the roof and take in the situation. Alex asks to use Haruni’s sword, Darius goes “Hmmmm” and uses his telekinesis to summon the gem at the base of the dome to himself. Haruni yells “Nooooo!” and the whole gang is suspended in space in another dimension. Claudia’s blue egg thing cracks open and she slumps to the roof, a half human, half demon mess. The gang starts falling through space
Calvin: Get us back! Get us back!
Darius uses his telekinesis to pull everyone towards him and they grab hold of him. He grasps for the rapidly disappearing bubble of their home dimension, trying to get them back.
Alex looks at Calvin: I’m sorry for all the times loving me has hurt you.

Then Alex lets go of Darius, easing the pressure on him. Calvin shouts and makes a grab for Alex, but misses. Haruni uses his sword to make a portal directly below them, but Alex has already fallen past it. They fall through the portal, Calvin screaming Alex’s name, and land in Haruni’s cave, having smashed one of his decorative windows.

Haruni says that he can locate the dimension Alex is trapped in, but it will take time. Calvin, Megan and Darius call a cab and head into town. Calvin, single mindedly checks the roof, but there’s nothing there but some shards of blue egg thing. He tries the apartment but it’s empty too. He finds a puddle of slimey goop where Darius is stuck by the barrier, it appears Claudia’s own defences have locked her out. Calvin follows the trail down, a couple of blocks over to a dead homeless guy who’s clothes have been stolen and to the back of a shop, which has a melted lock. Megan and Darius are behind, Calvin goes into the shop alone. He finds Claudia typing on a computer. He puts his gun to her head.
Calvin: Where’s the gem?
Caludia does say anything but slowly turns around. Calvin tells her to stop moving: where’s the gem?
Claudia: You! You caused this!
She lunges for him, he blows her brains out with the shotgun.

She crumples, her body turning into shards of matter, as if her body wasn’t supposed to be staying together. He checks the remnants for the gem but there’s nothing there. He turns and heads out of the shop and to his car. Darius and Megan get in and Calvin drives to the Pederson’s house. Darius waits in the car, but Megan goes with him to the door. It being roughly 5am it takes the Pederson’s a while to answer. In this time some of the anger melts away from Calvin’s face and is replaced with sadness.

Alex’s Dad answers the door, takes one look at Calvin and asks what’s happened. Calvin says that she isn’t dead, exactly, but she won’t be coming back for a while. Mrs Pederson invites them in and they talk, Mrs Pederson focussing on the possibility of getting Alex back and Mr Pederson focussing on the heroic sacrifice. Calvin and Megan tell them everything.

There’s a cutaway to Alex falling through space in the other dimension.

Calvin drops Darius back home.
D: I guess it’s time to do some research!
Calvin and Megan: …
D: Well, that’s how we’ll get her back, right?

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