Things I Love Thursday

Going on holiday! Okay, so it’s just for a long weekend, but I get to catch up with a whole lot of friends and go to the nice Dress Mart and see the DINOSAURS and go to Tanuki’s and stay in a hotel. Awesome.

The hilarious origin of Do Not Want!

Superheroes! The Reverie roleplaying game Dale is running, for example. I love playing a character where someone is like “I’m gonna slam him against the wall” and I’m like “yeah…I will allow this to happen, for now.” Also been reading lots of awesome superhero comics (Like new Batman and Robin, and 52) and looking at superhero fan art online. Is awesome.

Dr Who. I am caught up on all the New Who now, officially. My favourite ever is The Master, especially in End of Time where he’s all batshit crazy zombie master. Love. Best eps? The one with Giles and the gargoyles, Family of Blood ones, End of Time (duh), NOT SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY IT WAS TOO TOO SAD.

Honourable Mentions: Jelly beans, being Christmas with Ellen, new geek stuff (sonic screwdriver and Slytherin T shirt), new True Blood (swoon), lovely lovely friends which I have, being obsessed with songs, chocolate, marshmallows, getting ID-ed on the way into a bar and making the bouncer laugh with how old I am.

A black and white skunk fails to descend the stairs, and then succeeds!

A black and white cat demonstrates the correct way to descend a staircase:


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -Wrecking the Journal 🙂 Thank you
    -Setting off tomorrow on our own Dino-hunting adventure
    -James finally getting to visit Auckland Zoo, which has been one of his dreams for the last 2 years or more (assuming Milliecar goes the distance)
    -Taking our fabulous new Wreck This Journal with us on a road trip!
    -Fire warming the room!

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