Things I Love Thursday

Dinosaurs! The Walking with Dinosaurs show was astounding, very awe-inspiring and just…amazing. They were very big and big and scary and big. Loved it. A++ would watch again.

Hoyt Fortenberry. I’m really loving the new series of True Blood, it’s just so funny!

I read this book, Cooking Dirty by Jason Sheehan. It’s an amazing memoir of an ordinary chef in a string of average, super busy, American diners. I loved it to bits and I recommend it to anyone who likes food, cooking and eating out. Lots of strong language though…so if that will put you off maybe avoid it.

Craig Ferguson’s Dr Who dance!

Honourable Mentions: Pop tarts (OMG how I love pop tarts, you can get them from Kirby’s Candies I discovered this week and now I am addicted), exercycling, shopping at Onehunga Dress Mart (so much new things!), ribena, heaters, warm socks, hot outdoor spa pools in fancy hotels, Asahi beer, hanging out with my lovely friends, Super 8 at the Empire and making pretty things.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Dr Who song is fab (but can’t intellect and cynicism triumph just a little bit?)

    I love
    -the dinosaurs, Auckland Zoo, Craters of the Moon, Huka Falls, Lake Taupo, wonderful views of the central plateau volcanoes, and my kids’ reactions to all these things
    -getting braver and travelling further afield again
    -hopefully getting to see many of my favourite geeks and nerds at the weekend!

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