Things I Love Thursday

This went viral on Tumblr on Tuesday. I love it so so much.

Just three more days of work until I get to go on holiday. Heading to Fiji for 6 nights and then I have a few days at home before heading back to work. I so need this break, I can’t even describe it. I’m going to lie in the sun and be warm, and have drinks, and go for swims…plus I get to go on planes, and stay in hotels.

I finished my second T Shirt quilt this week. I did most of the work on it back in January and February and then it was done enough that I could use it, if I was careful of the edges. Then, earlier this month, I noticed that I’d spilled so much food on it since I started using it that it really needed a wash. So, I finished it all off and now it can go through the wash. Photos soon!

The new Harry Potter movie is out now! I’m probably going to see it on Saturday, maybe. I can’t wait!

Honourable Mentions: black glitter liquid eyeliner, my new TARDIS cookie jar, people who bring me chocolates, my new non-Ugg boots (so warm!), silver nail polish, ridiculous pop music like Britney, going out for a work party tonight, catching up with lovely friends on the weekend, blueberry pop tarts, beer, Dale’s superhero game, tumblr, sleeping in the day time, reading books that are really very good and my Lee.

Polar bears attack spy cameras sent to film them. Lots to love in this video, baby polar bears, destruction, David Tennant speaking in his natural accent…

Also this slightly violent and disturbing but also weirdly compelling video, I live in the woods.

I Live in the Woods! from Max Winston on Vimeo.

How about you, what are you thankful for today?


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