Film Festival movies

The Guard

Did you see In Bruges? Did you like it? Then you should see this. Brendan Gleeson stars as the man cop in very small town Ireland and Don Cheadle is an FBI agent who comes over to put an end to an International drug ring. I don’t want to say too much here, but it’s funny and I’m keen to see it again. It is screening at the Embassy and Reading now, so hop along.

The Women on the 6th Floor

I like French films, pretentious boring French films. But I just couldn’t quite get behind this story of a married man finding joy and love outside of his marriage. Might just be a wife-bias I have, I don’t know. There were lots of good moments in this movie, but the story didn’t hang together very well and Lee and I both felt it lacked something important. Maybe…a plot? A likeable lead actor? I don’t know.

Troll Hunter

Norwegian students make a documentary about a guy who they think is a bear poacher. Actually he’s employed by the Norwegian goverment to monitor the massive trolls that are kept in preserves and National parks. It was freaking awesome. Watch the trailer.

Obviously, the Norwegian government doesn’t want this getting out, but we saw the truth at the Film Festival! We saw it!

Things I Love Thursday

Street art in Wellington! Bear vs Shark!

Tumblr! Gorgeous patchwork Wreck This Journal page, awesome updates on Weird in Wellington, If you liked it and Adam Hughes art.

List of other things I’ve loved this week: fic with Sam, excellent easy collaboration on LARPs, Wispa bars, Glee night with Sophie, Sophie bringing banana cake over and leaving it, strawberry yoghurt, Cowboys and Aliens, pokemon on the DS, Sims Social on facebook, new True Blood, good news pay raises at work (oh yes oh yes!), workmates bringing me things from the US, new series of Lego minifigures, ordering new clothes off Modcloth and Threadess and hot baths.

Make a mess. Clean it up.

I was kind of blocked on what to do with this page. Make a Mess. Clean it up.

Then I realised I wanted to do writing, so I wrote down a bunch of scribbly words on one side (somewhat inspired by the movie Young at Heart which we were watching at the time), then I wrote a short story neatly, using the words.

Nothing is as it was before. The more I sing the less I feel like it sounds good, but I’m selling more records than ever before. The slings and arrows are still a part of life, of course, but the actual difficulty of day to day living has evaporated. I have an assistant who brings me noodles if I want them. She’s there for me every hour of the day.
“Would you mind going and getting me an ice cream sundae?” I can say, and she’ll do it.

The lights on the stage are bright. I feel them in my bones, reflecting, glowing inside of me hours after I’ve performed. “Can you run me a bath?” I’ll say.
“No worries, no worries,” she twinkles.

I’m meant to be writing a book. My agent, my editor is keen for it to be a tell all. “Young at heart,” she keeps saying. I can’t argue with that, for all it’s so cheesy. I traded my soul to a demon years ago.

“Forever young. I want to be forever young,” I said.
“I’ll do you one better,” the demon laughed. “I’ll give you some musical talent, success as well.” So the next day I woke up, “Today I become a star!” and it happened, easy as that. I guess it’s my own fault, I didn’t earn any of this, so why should I be allowed to enjoy any of it?

You are right, I said. You took my soul. You gave me this, and I feel wrong, blank, totally numb.

Film Festival Movies

What with going to Fiji and generally being disorganised, I didn’t make it much in this year’s film festival. It was kind of nice taking it easy for once, although I am sad I missed out on some things. Here’s the first three movies I did manage to get to.

Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold!

Morgan Spurlock is best known as that guy that ate only Macdonalds for a month and made a movie about it. He’s a very likeable guy, makes lots of jokes and his documentaries are accessible. Greatest Movie Ever Sold is about product placement in movies, and it’s entirely funded through product placement. It didn’t get quite as Meta as teenage papparazzo but it was close. It also ventured a bit into the effect of advertising on the cultural landscape and the affect on human brains. I really recommended it, and if you have ever noticed product placement in a show or movie then it’s pretty neat to learn the business behind it. Features interviews with Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Quentin Tarantino and the Pom Wonderful Pom Queen.

Plus, Morgan was actually there for the screening and he did a gracious, informative and funny Q&A afterwards.

Being Elmo

One of the most astounding moments in this movie is Kevin Clash walking through Times Square, past a guy dressed as Elmo and a kid with an Elmo balloon and no one has any clue of who he is. I mean, how would you, right? You never see the puppeteer behind the character. Well, unless you see this movie I guess. It was a real feel good movie, with Kevin talking about the puppets he made as a kid and his dream to work with Jim Henson. Lots of cool moments of him fulfilling his dream and meeting Make a Wish kids as Elmo, and I cried and cried and cried because it was just! so! lovely! They also had a bit of footage from Jim Henson’s funeral. Cries forever.

In conclusion, this is an awesome doco, go see it.

Nothing to Declare

This is like Hot Fuzz, set at the border of France and Belgium just before they declared open borders. It was hilarious, weird and edgy. I never really realised just how racist the French and the Belgians are against each other. It was great fun, and the whole of the Embassy was laughing along with it. Recommended.

Things I Love Thursday

SNOW! Well, you know. We had snow. We never have snow in Wellington, and it was very exciting.

Roleplaying wins: I got to do some cool stuff this week in our regular Monster of the Week game, and I’m super psyched for the transformation of my character in the next episode. Plus I had excellent fun at Confusion on the weekend. Woo!

Batgirl. I just got the first two collected editions of Bryan Q Miller’s Batgirl run. This is Stephanie Brown Batgirl who used to be The Spoiler and then was Robin for a bit. I love her, because she’s a bit goofy and makes mistakes, but she’s also incredibly capable and optimistic to boot. Optimistic superheros for the win! The comics are just really fun to read, I have a grin the whole time 🙂

Tumblr: Highlights of this week: beautiful beautiful androgynous people, seriously I keep thinking I’ll take that off my follow list because they post a lot, but it’s all so gorgeous! The ultimate Texts from Last night spin off Texts from the Tardis, Hank Moody gifs and Modern Family gif collections and pretty patchwork inspiration.

The Glee 3D concert movie. It was really fun and cheerful! In between footage of the cast performing songs (including many of my favourites), they showed Glee fans who have been positively affected by the messages in the show, or the characters and that was very heart warming. I really want a white T shirt with a black slogan on the front, Born This Way style, but I can’t think of the best thing to have. “Never grew up” seems a bit long 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Build a squid (mine is called Squidly Stardust), writing fic with my friends, my electric blanket, people who ship The Master with the Tenth Doctor, leather gloves, my wooly pom pom hat, my soft red tartan scarf, my thick red wool blanket coat and my docs.

Oh and in my continuing love affair with pop music, my favourite this week is Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. It’s sexy.

Come on, it has the lyric “Bet I’ll have you nekkid by the end of this song” is a win.


I attended the first two sessions of Confusion yesterday and played two awesome games that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Monster of the Week : Chudtown

I played Zari, a Mundane half based on Evan from Everyman Hybrid. Our monster hunting group was based on a kind of Ghost-Facers set up where we travelled around filming investigations for our web series, so stealing a couple of character tropes from an actual monster based web series seemed appropriate. Zari was fearless, impulsive, and keen to get fighting. I took all the Mundane moves which encourage throwing myself into the fray without thinking and it was awesome. Luckily for Zari one of the other players took the Angel character and decided that I was the one she was protecting, it worked like an experience factory when she protected me!

Also in the game was Gaston, Zari’s absentee father and our Expert. Callum, the producer of the series (Camera) and Zari’s best friend from school and next door neighbour. Raven, a goth Spooky who was completely nihilistic and self-obsessed (and Zari had a crush on him). Our angel’s name was Dal and by the end of the session a few of us had worked out she was an angel.

It was an awesome group of players and a good confusing mystery. I’m personally glad it wasn’t werebears in the end, and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for writing an awesome game, Mike!

Fiasco: Regina’s Wedding

A new playset from the Fiasco companion (which I may have to buy…) this is a ‘softer’ Fiasco set at a wedding. I got to play Regina, and Paul was my groom Cardwell, relative of Theodosia Blight, Baroness of Clifton. There was also his grifting partner, a master of disguise – not sure of the real name, but he was dressed as the Baroness most of the time. Television’s Margaret Wakefield, who had a wedding based talk show and Terry Jones, the photographer who had a vendetta against the very institution of marriage.

Suffice to say, with all the madness going on we didn’t really need the tilt. None of the needs applied to me as Regina, so I just focussed on being a completely spoiled trashy rich girl bridezilla and that was really freaking fun. My chosen wedding theme was Vegas/Playboy and my outfit for the reception was a swarovski crystal thong bikini and floor length veil. For the wedding rehearsal I had a white velour tracksuit with ‘bride’ written across the front in rhinestones (and it was printed again on the butt) and for the ceremony, a shiny white dress, long at the back and short at the front with a vibrant pink lining and it was velcro so it tore away to reveal the bikini.

The really beautiful thing was that just after we kissed at the end of the ceremony “Cardwell” decided he did love me, and screwed over his grift partner, and not me. Regina had a pretty bad outcome, but Cardwell’s was all right so 15 years after the game, when Daddy re-inherited me to the Bracewell wristwatch battery fortune, we had a pretty good life.

Awesome playset, would definitely play it again!

I had an awesome time at Confusion, thanks to everyone I played with!

Things I Love Thursday

I think we can all agree that it’s been a pretty bad week, world-wise. So, now more than ever it’s important to focus on the good things in life, so you don’t get sucked into a vortex of despair that the world is ending and society is breaking down or any of that bad stuff.

Weddings! I don’t think there’s a better excuse to get people together than to celebrate being in love with someone. It’s been aaaaaaages since I went to a wedding, but I have one coming up in November and one in March next year, so…yay!

Here’s the lovely and talented Matt Mulholland performing You’re the Voice:

Man, I love that song, and Matt Mulholland is freaking amazing. Someone get him a record deal, stat!

Or how about our old pal Tim Minchin’s Peace anthem for Palestine?

I ran my Silver Kiss LARP again the other day and it went really, really well. It was very different, but people had fun and the costumes were great and I felt good afterwards. Exhausted but good. Some really awesome photos from the night and new friends, which is always good.

I was thinking about why we roleplay and how it’s not a waste of time (like, compared to watching television or playing a video game on your own). Here are my half baked thoughts: you’re interacting with other people, and making connections, sharing stories that you can reminisce about later. You’re being incredibly creative – embodying a character who may be quite similar to you or wildly different, and you’re playing at having another mindset altogether. These are good things. Plus big LARPs like that you’re networking outside of the game as well, introducing people, forming connections that might end up being incredibly important later on. Woo, community!

Patchwork! I’ve been on a sewing jag lately, making a new baby quilt and in between sewing strips of selvage together with scraps. I might eventually have an actual scrap quilt, which would be pretty awesome. After another spectacular failure at crazy patchwork on the weekend I read some proper how-to guides and successfully made two squares of crazy patchwork which don’t suck. This is a big deal for me, because I’ve always loved the look of it and my previous attempts have all made me feel angry and unfulfilled. So, yay me! The only down side is that my hand quilting/finishing of projects has fallen behind my creation of new projects. Need some more hard hours in front of the TV or with friends over to catch up again. And by hard, I mean awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Meadow Fresh strawberry yoghurt, lunch with friends, writing roleplaying fic, warm socks, old movies, tumblr, Friday Night Lights (just about finished season 3), Californication, blasting pop music loudly and dancing, singing along, Britney Spears (I love her music!), scarfs and feeling clever.

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday is good for your well-being. It’s science! (Thanks for the link Karen!)

Kate Beaton‘s latest installment of Nancy Drew comics. I love her comics based on book covers the most. I can re-read them over and over and over and they’re still funny.

Positive Feedback. This week it’s been about my Science Fiction quilt and The Winding City series. Good times.

The adult graphic novel collection at Central library just had a fresh books injection. When I went in the other day I got graphic novel versions of the first part of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K Dick. Although I just realised I only got the 4th volume of the latter, so that’s a bit of a fail on my part. Anyway, Public libraries. Woo!

Tim Minchin songs. Such as Take your canvas bags…

and for all of you who aren’t feeling 100% in love with the world today, I recommend you watch this one:

Honourable Mentions: Homemade ham and mushroom omelettes, that feeling of satisfaction when you clear out the inbox at work, secretly geeky nailpolish, pop tarts, lunch with friends, clean quilts, weird dreams, aeroplanes, photos of sunshine, watching movies that turn out to be good, the film festival (even though I’m hardly attending this year and naps.