I attended the first two sessions of Confusion yesterday and played two awesome games that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Monster of the Week : Chudtown

I played Zari, a Mundane half based on Evan from Everyman Hybrid. Our monster hunting group was based on a kind of Ghost-Facers set up where we travelled around filming investigations for our web series, so stealing a couple of character tropes from an actual monster based web series seemed appropriate. Zari was fearless, impulsive, and keen to get fighting. I took all the Mundane moves which encourage throwing myself into the fray without thinking and it was awesome. Luckily for Zari one of the other players took the Angel character and decided that I was the one she was protecting, it worked like an experience factory when she protected me!

Also in the game was Gaston, Zari’s absentee father and our Expert. Callum, the producer of the series (Camera) and Zari’s best friend from school and next door neighbour. Raven, a goth Spooky who was completely nihilistic and self-obsessed (and Zari had a crush on him). Our angel’s name was Dal and by the end of the session a few of us had worked out she was an angel.

It was an awesome group of players and a good confusing mystery. I’m personally glad it wasn’t werebears in the end, and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for writing an awesome game, Mike!

Fiasco: Regina’s Wedding

A new playset from the Fiasco companion (which I may have to buy…) this is a ‘softer’ Fiasco set at a wedding. I got to play Regina, and Paul was my groom Cardwell, relative of Theodosia Blight, Baroness of Clifton. There was also his grifting partner, a master of disguise – not sure of the real name, but he was dressed as the Baroness most of the time. Television’s Margaret Wakefield, who had a wedding based talk show and Terry Jones, the photographer who had a vendetta against the very institution of marriage.

Suffice to say, with all the madness going on we didn’t really need the tilt. None of the needs applied to me as Regina, so I just focussed on being a completely spoiled trashy rich girl bridezilla and that was really freaking fun. My chosen wedding theme was Vegas/Playboy and my outfit for the reception was a swarovski crystal thong bikini and floor length veil. For the wedding rehearsal I had a white velour tracksuit with ‘bride’ written across the front in rhinestones (and it was printed again on the butt) and for the ceremony, a shiny white dress, long at the back and short at the front with a vibrant pink lining and it was velcro so it tore away to reveal the bikini.

The really beautiful thing was that just after we kissed at the end of the ceremony “Cardwell” decided he did love me, and screwed over his grift partner, and not me. Regina had a pretty bad outcome, but Cardwell’s was all right so 15 years after the game, when Daddy re-inherited me to the Bracewell wristwatch battery fortune, we had a pretty good life.

Awesome playset, would definitely play it again!

I had an awesome time at Confusion, thanks to everyone I played with!


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