Things I Love Thursday

SNOW! Well, you know. We had snow. We never have snow in Wellington, and it was very exciting.

Roleplaying wins: I got to do some cool stuff this week in our regular Monster of the Week game, and I’m super psyched for the transformation of my character in the next episode. Plus I had excellent fun at Confusion on the weekend. Woo!

Batgirl. I just got the first two collected editions of Bryan Q Miller’s Batgirl run. This is Stephanie Brown Batgirl who used to be The Spoiler and then was Robin for a bit. I love her, because she’s a bit goofy and makes mistakes, but she’s also incredibly capable and optimistic to boot. Optimistic superheros for the win! The comics are just really fun to read, I have a grin the whole time šŸ™‚

Tumblr: Highlights of this week: beautiful beautiful androgynous people, seriously I keep thinking I’ll take that off my follow list because they post a lot, but it’s all so gorgeous! The ultimate Texts from Last night spin off Texts from the Tardis, Hank Moody gifs and Modern Family gif collections and pretty patchwork inspiration.

The Glee 3D concert movie. It was really fun and cheerful! In between footage of the cast performing songs (including many of my favourites), they showed Glee fans who have been positively affected by the messages in the show, or the characters and that was very heart warming. I really want a white T shirt with a black slogan on the front, Born This Way style, but I can’t think of the best thing to have. “Never grew up” seems a bit long šŸ™‚

Honourable Mentions: Build a squid (mine is called Squidly Stardust), writing fic with my friends, my electric blanket, people who ship The Master with the Tenth Doctor, leather gloves, my wooly pom pom hat, my soft red tartan scarf, my thick red wool blanket coat and my docs.

Oh and in my continuing love affair with pop music, my favourite this week is Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. It’s sexy.

Come on, it has the lyric “Bet I’ll have you nekkid by the end of this song” is a win.


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