Film Festival Movies

What with going to Fiji and generally being disorganised, I didn’t make it much in this year’s film festival. It was kind of nice taking it easy for once, although I am sad I missed out on some things. Here’s the first three movies I did manage to get to.

Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold!

Morgan Spurlock is best known as that guy that ate only Macdonalds for a month and made a movie about it. He’s a very likeable guy, makes lots of jokes and his documentaries are accessible. Greatest Movie Ever Sold is about product placement in movies, and it’s entirely funded through product placement. It didn’t get quite as Meta as teenage papparazzo but it was close. It also ventured a bit into the effect of advertising on the cultural landscape and the affect on human brains. I really recommended it, and if you have ever noticed product placement in a show or movie then it’s pretty neat to learn the business behind it. Features interviews with Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Quentin Tarantino and the Pom Wonderful Pom Queen.

Plus, Morgan was actually there for the screening and he did a gracious, informative and funny Q&A afterwards.

Being Elmo

One of the most astounding moments in this movie is Kevin Clash walking through Times Square, past a guy dressed as Elmo and a kid with an Elmo balloon and no one has any clue of who he is. I mean, how would you, right? You never see the puppeteer behind the character. Well, unless you see this movie I guess. It was a real feel good movie, with Kevin talking about the puppets he made as a kid and his dream to work with Jim Henson. Lots of cool moments of him fulfilling his dream and meeting Make a Wish kids as Elmo, and I cried and cried and cried because it was just! so! lovely! They also had a bit of footage from Jim Henson’s funeral. Cries forever.

In conclusion, this is an awesome doco, go see it.

Nothing to Declare

This is like Hot Fuzz, set at the border of France and Belgium just before they declared open borders. It was hilarious, weird and edgy. I never really realised just how racist the French and the Belgians are against each other. It was great fun, and the whole of the Embassy was laughing along with it. Recommended.


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