Things I Love Thursday

Well, I lost my weekend this week to a cold, but I can work around that for awesomeness.

Getting dressed up and going out for drinks. I think I need to do this more as the weather gets better, so if you’re thinking of heading out and you want company let me know! Plus, I have a lot of cute new dresses which need wearing.

LARPs to look forward to. I have my steampunk doctor outfit assembled, just need to work on the accessories a bit more. I also get to dress as a modern Lady Luck in November and…I have another LARP at Fright Night but I don’t have a character for that one yet so not sure what my costume will be. Larps are fun though, I’m excited.

My EMP superpower took out my cellphone and my laptop adaptor cable at the same time a few weeks back. This week both a new cable and a new phone arrived for me, and I am again fully-teched up. Huzzah! It’s amazing how little I missed my phone, actually, but they do come in useful for communicating and stuff.

This weeks’s awesome on Tumblr: The Minor tragedy series.

Honourable Mentions: Old friends and new, fangirling, obsessing, new T shirts, our cleaner, new episodes of almost all my favourite TV shows, Grooveshark, Dance Central with Conan, beatbox/singing performance at the all company meeting, weird lucid dreams and going to the store for patchwork fabric with Emma.

Awesome sax guy!

Please vote for Urban Numina

Urban Numina is entered into the Make My Movie competition and it’s hit 140 votes, we’re in the top 26 but we really do need more votes. Please help me blog readers, you’re my only hope!

Vote here!

And once you’re voted please share it around to your friends so we can get the votes further up there. I really loved filming the show and I would love to be involved in a Feature Film version.

Things I Love Thursday

Cool art project blog thing, that I like and want to participate in I got an envelope.

Tumblr: Steve Rogers in the Gosh Darned future! Not a tumblr, but I found it through there Draw a stickman

A little bit of Inspiration.

Honourable Mentions: Rewatching all of Gossip Girl from the start, roleplaying as Captain Jack Harkess (oh yes), home cooked dinner with lovely old friends, working things out, warm bed, cuddles, getting drunk and snuggly, superhero T shirts, clean socks and long hot baths.

Sassy Gay Belle:

Finally, if you laugh, you lose. Go on, try not to laugh:

Dr Who – Roleplaying established characters

On Sunday I participated in a playtest for the right honourable Morgue. I won’t go into details of the adventure, since it’s for publication, but I did want to talk about the unbridled horror and relentless ecstasy of playing an established character in a roleplaying game.

Pearce was the Tenth Doctor, Steve was Martha and I portrayed Captain Jack Harkness, because aside from Donna he’s my favourite companion (pre-Eleven) and I didn’t honestly think I could do Donna justice.

I just didn’t have the first idea of how to portray Donna. Jack’s easy though, right? Hit on anything that moves and be dashing. I was very excited about playing Jack and I didn’t think anything more than that until Morgue handed me the fancy, full colour character sheet with all of Jack’s stats and special abilities on it and I went…”Oh. How do I…how do I make the others think that I’m Jack?” and then I got concerned.

I think the reason established characters can be so difficult to play is because everyone knows what they’re like, how they’d act and you don’t want to disappoint anyone with a poor choice. I think this is something we all struggled with in game, but I’m going to go ahead and say that we overcame it because we had a whole lot of awesome moments which felt like pure New!Who over the course of the session.

My first act as Capt Jack was to hit on a plot-point delivering male, following him out of a party and charming him into an alleyway. Martha had also taken off after someone, which meant as a team we’d immediately split up. Again, rather Whovian. It helped when Steve turned to me and said “You were born to play Jack,” that gave me confidence, so I was sure to give praise over the course of the game as well, out of character. There was a distinct temptation that both me and Steve felt to turn to The Doctor for solutions, which wasn’t terribly fair on Pearce, since you then get extra pressure of having to be the one who solves things as well as portraying The Doctor. Despite this he did manage a lot of Ten-ish witticisms.

NPC: They have different views on what is possible in this world.
Doctor: That’s going to be a problem.

I was rather fond of this moment I had:
Inquisition Guards at the door: You cannot enter. Unless you have knowledge of the ungodly acts taking place within?
Jack: Me? No. I was just…late to turn up.
Guard (threatening): Late to turn up? Maybe you should go in and talk to the Grand Inquisitor.
Jack: Uh. Yeah, sure. Why not?

Once we were into the swing of the story I felt I relaxed some. I had moments where I faltered, unsure on the most “Jack-ish” course of action, but the other players and Morgue were happy to suggest stuff. We managed to play through the adventure, test the rules and not break Morgue completely, so overall a success.

Martha (talking about an NPC but looking at Jack): This just goes to show. Never trust the sexy charming guy.
Jack: I let you shoot me!

All in all I had a brilliant time in the end, just letting go of fear and getting a feel for the character by playing him. I spent the rest of the day wanting to play Jack again…So I guess what I’m saying is that if anyone ever needs a Captain Jack for a roleplaying game, call me!

Steve, Pearce, Morgue, thoughts? I’ve only played an established character two times before (that I can remember), Edward from Cowboy Bebop and Jin from Samurai Champloo. That was amazing fun, but maybe a bit easier translating an anime character to play?

Things I Love Thursday

Massage. I just got an hour long relaxation massage and I feel goood….the masseuse actually apologised when she told me it was over and when I saw her at reception she said I looked like a big blob of jelly, which is about how relaxed I felt…boneless. I had a good stretch when I got up from the table and lots bits of me popped back into place.

My office has been divided into different countries for the World Cup. Two of my workmates, in the Italy sector, decided to dress as Mario and Luigi for the duration…their Twitter account is rather amusing.

Fright Night horror gaming convention is open for registrations. I’m already signed up and keen as a bean to play in the games on offer. A bean I tell you!

Honourable Mentions: Old school cartooning, new things coming in the mail, hailstones the size of large marbles, getting to play Prime Time Adventures: Shadowlands again, looking at pictures of pretty boys on Tumblr, fic with Sam, planning costumes, watching New Who with Steve, brunch at Denny’s and feeling warm and safe.

Look. Listen.

I heard this song on Gossip Girl (I’m rewatching from Season 1 while Lee is rehearsing and play-ing):

and then I checked out the other songs by this very pretty and talented two sister band and now I’m addicted to this one:

Actually they have many excellent songs, but these two are the ones I am most obsessed with.

Things I Love Thursday

Dragon vs Firebird street art!

Boat animation sent to me by Svend:

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

Laughing so hard I cried at my turkey dinner Kiwi Fakes-giving dinner party on Saturday night. Related: friends who don’t mind that I get snuggly when I’ve had wine. Also the delicious food and drinks at said night.

Nom nom turkey.

Writing writing writing and being asked for writing advice. Looking forward to running Shell Beach and getting excited about Larps I get to play in soon too.

Having a penpal again. I’m a good penpal, I’ve had a bunch in the past, and now I have my teenage cousin. Love it. Snail mail is so much more personal and beautiful than email, I find. Plus, more stamps to stick into my Wreck This Journal.

Honourable Mentions: decluttering, learning new patchwork skills, playing a superhero who can LIFT A TRUCK, watching funny tv shows, new superhero T shirts, new all black Victorian outfit (just arrived today!), reading awesome comics (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Tiny Titans), vivid dreams, chocolate, listening to ‘Not alone’ by Darren Criss on repeat, it being light later in the day and awesome developments at work.

Writing Wednesday

Editing Rain. It’s slow going, but only because I can’t make myself pick up the bloody thing. When I do have it in my hand and a pink or red pen in the other, then I can get a few pages done without really thinking about it. I’m lacking the motivation to do it most of the time though. I’m around page 50 in this newest long hand revision.

High School Princess, the game formally known as I Know, Right? I have finally started fixing this up and putting together a new version of the game. It’s not such slow going as I thought it might be, and the regular (if small) payments from Lulu and RPGnow for Silver Kiss are pretty good incentives to get it done.

Shell Beach. In a week I have put together first drafts for 13 characters and 2 crew, for a murder mystery LARP. Amazing. I had a dream, and it turned into a real proper game. I need a beta reader, and then I need to find some time and place to run it. I feel good about it too, like it will be a pretty good game.

So writing yay!

Things I Love Thursday

My absolute most amazing thing that I’m grateful today is INSPIRATION. I wrote it all big because it’s exciting. I woke up this morning from a dream that I’d just been running a murder mystery larp. And I could remember enough characters and plot points that I was able to make four pages of notes. My lovely boss said I could go home early from work and I’ve been writing ever since! 9 out of 13 characters have a first draft character sheet. I also have a short story idea to write up and have been making slow progress on the edit of Rain. Nice one.

The Pronunciation Manual shouldn’t be as funny as it is. But it is hilarious!

Tumblr goodness this week: Dana Scully‘s fashion through years of X-Files, an excellent source of Dr Who gifs and pictures and a fantasy art tumblr specialising in images of women in reasonable armour.

Honourable Mentions: Creating things like quilts and games and stories, fresh sheets on the bed, a long hot bath, laughing with friends, buying parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and hoping the supermarket check out operator would notice and say something (he didn’t), the guns going off on Roseneath, seeing a real life seal cuddled up by the Wharewaka cafe having a snooze, new Lego minifigures, warm feet, The Master, new Dr Who, writing fic with Sam (Yes! So good) and singing harmonies in Rock Band with Steve.

Two cleverbots talking to each other. It’s pretty funny, they also discuss God.

Closed Captioning fail on youtube hilarity.

iLuminate dance troupe on America’s Got Talent.