Things I Love Thursday

My absolute most amazing thing that I’m grateful today is INSPIRATION. I wrote it all big because it’s exciting. I woke up this morning from a dream that I’d just been running a murder mystery larp. And I could remember enough characters and plot points that I was able to make four pages of notes. My lovely boss said I could go home early from work and I’ve been writing ever since! 9 out of 13 characters have a first draft character sheet. I also have a short story idea to write up and have been making slow progress on the edit of Rain. Nice one.

The Pronunciation Manual shouldn’t be as funny as it is. But it is hilarious!

Tumblr goodness this week: Dana Scully‘s fashion through years of X-Files, an excellent source of Dr Who gifs and pictures and a fantasy art tumblr specialising in images of women in reasonable armour.

Honourable Mentions: Creating things like quilts and games and stories, fresh sheets on the bed, a long hot bath, laughing with friends, buying parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and hoping the supermarket check out operator would notice and say something (he didn’t), the guns going off on Roseneath, seeing a real life seal cuddled up by the Wharewaka cafe having a snooze, new Lego minifigures, warm feet, The Master, new Dr Who, writing fic with Sam (Yes! So good) and singing harmonies in Rock Band with Steve.

Two cleverbots talking to each other. It’s pretty funny, they also discuss God.

Closed Captioning fail on youtube hilarity.

iLuminate dance troupe on America’s Got Talent.


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Yay for inspiration! It’s driving me mad – is the voice for pronuciation manual the same guy who did Homestarrunner?? Why are you failing me internets??
    Tilt :
    Hell pizza
    Rain on the roof while I am cosy inside
    Paul is home tomorrow
    The prospect of friends visiting

  2. Lots of great things! I am ridiculously pleased to realise that I have parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme all growing in my garden. Also have rampant oregano… Are you making a bouquet garni? That always sounds a bit posh to me ❤ So happy to hear you've got your writing mojo back.

  3. Hurrah for inspiration! The murder mystery LARP sounds OMG awesome! When is it? Can I play? Can I? huh? huh? Seriously most LARPs fill up before I even hear about them these days. Stupid work keeping me away from the internets. 🙂

    TILF cunningly disguised as a TILT:
    Weather being sunny and nice despite forecasted showers
    SPRING! I have had enough of winter. Snow is fun, all other cold weather is not.
    Weekend and Spec Fic Cafe catchup/visit to library to stock up on more books
    Writing when you’re not in the mood and then it turns out well and is fun when you weren’t expecting it to be
    Flat whites with hazelnut shots
    Watching Dom watch himself in movies and applaud his own performance

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