Love love love

there’s been some teen suicides around New Zealand. I have no idea what the story is there and I don’t claim to, but what makes me saddest is that these kids, some as young as 14, thought they had no other option.

It gets better. No matter who you are. It gets better.

The Trevor Project.

The lovely Darren Criss…


3 thoughts on “Love love love

  1. Such confidence in predicting life getting better. Is my life better than when I was a teenager? Hell yeah! Is it enough better to justify sticking round for if I didn’t have these responsibilities and people who would be hurt by me not? Probably? Some days I’m not sure. Really not being a troll here. I’m 40 and I’m still not sure!

  2. Yeah probably… Though if I had the option of just stopping at 14, or having to go back through it all and relive some of the intervening bits, I’d find it pretty tough to choose, I think. On balance the good times outweigh the bad times, and just recently there is starting to be more good again… But the bad stuff sucked at the time and I am often scared that I don’t have the skills or resources to keep me and the kids safe from all the bad that’s out there (and in my head)

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