Writing Wednesday

Editing Rain. It’s slow going, but only because I can’t make myself pick up the bloody thing. When I do have it in my hand and a pink or red pen in the other, then I can get a few pages done without really thinking about it. I’m lacking the motivation to do it most of the time though. I’m around page 50 in this newest long hand revision.

High School Princess, the game formally known as I Know, Right? I have finally started fixing this up and putting together a new version of the game. It’s not such slow going as I thought it might be, and the regular (if small) payments from Lulu and RPGnow for Silver Kiss are pretty good incentives to get it done.

Shell Beach. In a week I have put together first drafts for 13 characters and 2 crew, for a murder mystery LARP. Amazing. I had a dream, and it turned into a real proper game. I need a beta reader, and then I need to find some time and place to run it. I feel good about it too, like it will be a pretty good game.

So writing yay!


8 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday

  1. I need to find some time and place to run it

    Calendar’s looking pretty full until the end of the year. We’ve got larps every month till xmas, filling almost all possible dates.

    Hydra? Chimera 2012?

    • It can’t wait til Chimera, and I would really rather run it sooner than Hyrda as well. Is there are Friday night some time? Bear in mind it’s only a 15 person LARP…

  2. I’m keen to see how High School Princess ends up. Also neat to know you are making money from Silver Kiss πŸ™‚

    Shell Beach is so cool, you’ve already got players, right?

  3. I’m sure there’s time to run a 15 player LARP this year, in spite of other LARPs being on every month. Wellington is a LARP friendly town πŸ™‚

    Debbie’s keen to play!

  4. There’s also a question of venue, at least regarding Turnbull House. Which may not be an issue.

    20-player games fill within a day ATM. So there’s more demand than supply. There are gaps in the calendar in November and December, so you could just pick a date; it’ll fill in no time at all.

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