Things I Love Thursday

Dragon vs Firebird street art!

Boat animation sent to me by Svend:

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

Laughing so hard I cried at my turkey dinner Kiwi Fakes-giving dinner party on Saturday night. Related: friends who don’t mind that I get snuggly when I’ve had wine. Also the delicious food and drinks at said night.

Nom nom turkey.

Writing writing writing and being asked for writing advice. Looking forward to running Shell Beach and getting excited about Larps I get to play in soon too.

Having a penpal again. I’m a good penpal, I’ve had a bunch in the past, and now I have my teenage cousin. Love it. Snail mail is so much more personal and beautiful than email, I find. Plus, more stamps to stick into my Wreck This Journal.

Honourable Mentions: decluttering, learning new patchwork skills, playing a superhero who can LIFT A TRUCK, watching funny tv shows, new superhero T shirts, new all black Victorian outfit (just arrived today!), reading awesome comics (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Tiny Titans), vivid dreams, chocolate, listening to ‘Not alone’ by Darren Criss on repeat, it being light later in the day and awesome developments at work.

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