Things I Love Thursday

Massage. I just got an hour long relaxation massage and I feel goood….the masseuse actually apologised when she told me it was over and when I saw her at reception she said I looked like a big blob of jelly, which is about how relaxed I felt…boneless. I had a good stretch when I got up from the table and lots bits of me popped back into place.

My office has been divided into different countries for the World Cup. Two of my workmates, in the Italy sector, decided to dress as Mario and Luigi for the duration…their Twitter account is rather amusing.

Fright Night horror gaming convention is open for registrations. I’m already signed up and keen as a bean to play in the games on offer. A bean I tell you!

Honourable Mentions: Old school cartooning, new things coming in the mail, hailstones the size of large marbles, getting to play Prime Time Adventures: Shadowlands again, looking at pictures of pretty boys on Tumblr, fic with Sam, planning costumes, watching New Who with Steve, brunch at Denny’s and feeling warm and safe.

1 thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Falling asleep in my husbands arms, then waking up hours later still wrapped in his arms.
    Fic with Jenny, an obsession I know.
    The girls making me laugh
    Planning Christmas shopping over homemade shortbread and tea
    Organising costuming

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